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Southwest Orange Friday, Apr. 7, 2017 2 years ago

Sports Spotlight - Windermere Observer: Samuel Camargo

Samuel Camargo won his age group at the U.S. Kids Orlando Local Tour Championship
by: Brittany Gaines Reporter

After competing in nearly a dozen golf competitions this year alone, 10-year-old Samuel Camargo took to the links in the U.S. Kids Orlando Local Tour Championship March 19 and came out on top in his age group. Samuel shot a bogey in his fifth hole and ended one over par for the tournament. While he currently trains at the West Orange Country Club, Samuel has been on golf courses since he was 4 years old.


What is the most challenging part playing golf?

Mainly my temper, so I don’t celebrate too much or get too angry when I don’t do a good shot.

What is your favorite part about playing golf?

It’s fun to play.

What is one thing that your coach, Chris Couch, has taught you?

He’s taught me a lot about my swing and how to fix it. But the most important thing he taught me is to keep myself calm by smiling all the time.

What is your favorite part about competing in tournaments?

I like winning, but I’ve learned to lose, too.

Who is your favorite golfer?

I don’t really have one. I mostly just follow their styles. Mainly my older sister inspired me to play golf because she’s a really good golf player.

What are you planning to do for spring break?

I’m going to Columbia. We’re going to visit my family and renew our visas. The last time we visited was last summer. Basically my whole family is from there.

What is the best part about visiting Columbia?

The food is really good. I like to eat a lot of sancocho. It’s like a soup where they put anything in it. It’s not something you can buy here, and we can’t make it here. I also like empanadas. We can make those here, but they’re not as good. They’re better in Columbia.

What is your favorite food to eat when you’re at home?

That’s kind of hard, but I would probably have to say spaghetti.

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