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Southwest Orange Wednesday, Mar. 29, 2017 2 years ago

Sports Spotlight - Windermere Observer: Sarah Habbal

Sarah Habbal is a general health and wellness trainer at the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA and nutrition student.
by: Danielle Hendrix Associate Editor

At just 21 years old, Sarah Habbal is certified and has been working as a general health and wellness trainer at the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA for six months now and has aspirations of becoming a certified nutritionist and dietician down the road. She currently attends UCF for nutrition. 


What spurred your personal journey to fitness?

About four years ago, I lost my dad, and I was going crazy. I knew I had so much energy inside and didn’t want to go out or be with other people. I just wanted to release the stress I had, so I joined a gym and started going every day. I had no idea what I was doing at first, and I never wanted someone in the gym to see me doing something wrong. So I started researching, reading everything possible. I taught myself, and it became my passion.

How do you approach working with a new client?

I test the client, and from there, I go to where their weak and strong muscles are and activity levels. I have a client (who is) 12 and a client (who is) 75, so it ranges, and not everyone’s on the same physical level.

What’s your personal training philosophy?

When you first walk in, you have to forget about yourself, keep your problems outside and just come in. The time I spend here is working with specific people, and I’m there for them to motivate them and to keep them going.

How do you manage to balance school and work?

It’s very stressful, but the only thing I look at every five minutes is time. I’m always keeping track of my time. My day goes by half-hours — I’ll have 30 minutes to do this, 30 minutes to study, to cook or eat and stuff like that.

What’s your typical workout routine?

I go through splits — chest and arms, legs, shoulders and back. I work out muscle everyday and take a day off if I need it. I work out about six days a week and sometimes seven. If I’m tired I won’t work out, and if I’m not I’ll just go for it.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I see myself working at a hospital as a dietician and helping people here and there sports-wise.

If you had your favorite meal sitting in front of you, what would it be?

Some steak, rice and broccoli. 

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

I want to travel the world but especially to Greece. I like the history, and I want to go to relax and to get my mind off things.

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