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West Orange Times & Observer Thursday, Apr. 21, 2016 3 years ago

Winter Garden, Dr. Phillips named best in nation

It seems West Orange and Southwest Orange are attracting national attention.
by: Michael Eng Editor and Publisher

Of course, we all know the communities in West Orange and Southwest Orange are among the best in the country.

And now, it seems word is getting around.

Both Winter Garden and Dr. Phillips recently appeared on "best of" lists.

Winter Garden was named as one of's "coolest" suburbs in America's 35 biggest metro areas.

Said the site: "What separates out (Winter Garden) from most of the frankly bland Orlando suburbs is its historic Downtown with a row of solid restaurants, and the Plant Street Market, which basically functions as a totally refurbished indoor marketplace featuring a brewery, a European bakery, a juice bar, a specialty butcher shop, a whole-bean coffee shop, coal-fired pizza, and a freaking oxygen bar."

Not to be outdone, nearby Dr. Phillips appeared at No. 26 on Money magazine's "2015 Best Places to Live."

"Admittedly, Dr. Phillip Phillips had a catchy name, so perhaps it’s no wonder that this Orlando suburb named itself after him," the site wrote. "Dr. Phillips made his fortune in the citrus business, but his namesake town owes its success to tourism. The town borders Universal Studios on one side and is close enough to Walt Disney World to see the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks. Dr. Phillips is also home to Orlando’s Restaurant Row. Small wonder that this town boasts the second highest job growth rate of our top 50 towns."


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