Republican's Adams, Webster and Scott are brazen, unmitigated corporate flaks.

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  • | 10:20 a.m. October 27, 2010
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Where was all the Tea Party/right-wing anger when President Bush and the Republicans were running aground the Ship of State? President Yahoo didn’t offer one balanced budget while in office. Republicans were the Dukes of Earmarks. Where were (are) the protests of opposition to our fiscal insanity as we borrow billions from China to fund our two wars (of choice) in Islamland? And China pays what per barrel of oil? The same, you say, as America, without the costly per-gallon surtax of dead soldiers and a spent economy.

Oh, righteous anger. I get the anger. Welcome to the club. I’ve been angry for decades. Imbecilic wars in Asia. Recall Vietnam? Corrupt, genuinely immoral presidencies. Remember Nixon and Watergate? Politics and politicians of division. Remember when America’s Southern Crackers went Republican virtually en masse rather than accept blacks as human beings (love those 60s and 70s)? Remember the cultural wars (do they ever end)? Of race baiting, gays and women in their place, when religious righteousness became all the “modern” rage. Remember the beginnings of voodoo economics (under President Ronald “Airbiscuit” Reagan)? When tax cuts without budget cuts became the Republican norm?

Oh, I get the anger. I could provide a long list of Democrat hypocrisies, too. We’ve not arrived where we are today without both political parties being on-their-knees bootlicks and shills for interests that are fundamentally un-American. At least, un-American from what I envision our nation’s promise and potential to be.

The race is on. This is the question on the table. Now that corporations can purchase U.S. elections (at every level) without fear of having to come out of the closet (so to speak) of public disclosure, exactly how bad will it have to get before middleclass America realizes that they are being completely hosed by America’s corporations and the Republican Party and actually revolt? Ten years? Will it take 10 years before Americans wake up and smell the Sanka and realize that what happens to America is incidental to the nation’s multi-national corporations and America’s uberrich? Folks, if you think we Americans are all in the same lifeboat, that we all sink or swim together, well, boy, are you sadly delusional.

So, you are angry? But please don’t vote stupid.

Sandy Adams doesn’t believe in evolution. Does not believe in evolution. But Adams wants your vote to replace the competent and graceful Suzanne Kosmas in Florida’s 24th congressional district. How do you weigh the pros and cons of issues if you cannot even determine that legitimate science trumps myth?

Longtime special interest, water carrier Daniel Webster is running against Alan Grayson for Congress. Your daughter, your wife is raped and becomes pregnant. Webster would put in place laws requiring your baby girl to have that rapist’s child. That’s Webster’s Republican morality. Webster feels/thinks that women actually do have a “place” in society. Yes, one that is more 16th century than 21st century.

Oh, and what can one say about Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott? That if justice were really a fact in America, Scott would be doing hard time in prison.

I feel your anger. But don’t vote stupid — Republican’s Adams, Webster and Scott are brazen, unmitigated corporate flaks.

Elect Kosmas, Grayson and Sink to office.


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