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Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

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  • | 1:46 p.m. November 2, 2011
  • Winter Park - Maitland Observer
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A billionaire Hungarian immigrant named George Soros seems to hunger for “control” and to see in the latent power of groups of humanity a way to serve his noxious compulsion to abolish the financial system that has made the U.S. click. (Wonder where Soros got all his money? Wonder why he hasn’t given it all away?) I wish George would tell me one country in the world that has succeeded big economically by replacing capitalism with socialism/communism. Soros’ organizations are ACORN, SEIU, MoveOn.Org and Tides Foundation, among many others he sponsors that thrive on political iconoclasm. For a long time, Soros has been poking around in the U.S. looking for ways to make trouble for you and me. Why?

My belief is that Soros hates us, and most everything else American.

Why? I figure him to be a dangerous sicko. We are lucky that Soros has not yet found a personal following similar to the deluded millions who fell for Hitler’s ravings. We know that Soros has visited the White House on at least five occasions, meaning someone living there must be interested in what he has to say — or to sell — and that fact scares me a lot ….

At this moment I am thinking of Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and even John F. Kennedy. These were men who meant well while on Earth and whose lives were cut short in the despicable manner that some lesser men use to remove their moral superiors.

It amazed me when I first saw the simple Austrian village that produced Adolph Hitler, destroyer of 50 million lives. Why do so many nobodies rise to such monstrous power?

In the 1950s, the first city where I sang opera in Germany was Berlin, and I lost no time taking a taxi to see where Hitler died and was then burned in an open fire. A young pretty girl who spoke a bit of English was my guide, and showed me the cement steps up which they carried Hitler’s body, along with his mistress Eva Braun after Hitler had shot them both deep in his underground bunker. All of Berlin still lay in ruins from massive American bombings. I wondered what the man who said “Today Germany, tomorrow the whole world” would have said to the Germans if he had had to accept publicly the responsibility for the “tomorrow” he brought them. My fräulein guide was smiling and as happy as a princess as she stood among the ruins of Berlin. It seemed to me that she had stepped lightly out of history and was thinking of the boy who would join her in a beer hall later that day. After all, the only Berlin she knew was some square miles of scattered sticks and stones now being slowly put back together.

Present-day American happenings are painful for an antiquated patriot to live through.

I had learned from my observations of history that politicians are scoundrels, but often laughable scoundrels. Today, kiddos, politics is no laughing matter.

I wonder if my happy fräulein from Berlin would be smiling beside me now if she had been born in America and could see what unbridled lust and greed are busily concocting for us in this great land.

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.


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