Rain & WILDcats & More

Rain & WILDcats & More

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  • | 3:50 p.m. August 8, 2012
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Okay, the weather has gotten VERY predictable of late. Every evening by six o’clock I now have at least one Boxer Velcro-ed to my leg, often two. And is it just me or has this summer NOT had much of that “oven” factor? Ironic since it’s been so warm so many places further north. But I just don’t think it’s seemed nearly as hot this year. Just me?

I’ll be brief tonight . . . MOST out of character. . . .

Quick WELCOME to Ethos Vegan Restaurant which is now open adjacent to Hot Olives on Aloma / Fairbanks. (I really need to figure out where one ends and the other begins. Hmmmm.) I’ve heard good things about them in their previous location and “vegan” strikes me as the sort of destination type restaurant which could definitely work there. So, good luck, Ethos!

Last night I wrote briefly about the planned get together of Winter Park High School alumni at Dexter’s at Hannibal Square the evening of August 24. Well, first, I’d just like to say that WPHS alumni can be very resourceful, and do not seem to be lacking for enthusiasm. Why didn’t I just move here back then? This event may be taking over more and more space, including more than Dexter’s. On that note, also, I tried to help some this morning and contacted all four of our city commissioners – Sarah Sprinkel, Stevel Leary, Carolyn Cooper and Tom McMacken – to see what assistance they might be able to provide. I don’t know who came through, but I think it was Sarah Sprinkel, as she messaged me later. THANK YOU! I was QUICKLY contacted by an employee at the city seeking to help and now have been drafted to submit an event application tomorrow morning with city employee Rene Brogan. I am very much starting to look forward to meeting this group of WILDcats! Older, yes, but surely game for some FUN! Mee-yow!

Before I go into ‘Give A Dog A Home,’ one related item . . . Pet Rescue by Judy is now seeking gift certificates for event auctions! They have a bunch of events coming up where they can use gift certificates at Local businesses for raffle and auction. They’ll be happy to give your business some LUV as you help support their amazing and wonderful mission. Call them at (407) 302-4497 if you have any questions or wish to provide a donation! It will be so appreciated!

And, as usual, lastly . . . but certainly NOT leastly . . . let’s TRY to ‘Give A Dog A Home’! Oh, if you saw all the sweet, sweet animals I do every day who need furever homes. THAT is surely what we will have in our house from now on. You can, too! Consider . . . . this sweet girl: Tootsie! No, it’s not Dustin Hoffman in a dress or even a fur coat! Tootsie came to PRBJ from a loving rescuer, who happened to be at animal control picking up some cats for her rescue organization. Then Tootsie walked through the door to be surrendered. Her owners had abandoned her when they moved out, and the neighbor could not keep her. She is a senior girl, and would be perfect as a companion for a senior person. She is very sweet with people and does okay with cats. She hasn't been socialized with other dogs, but they're working on getting her to be a little more comfortable with the furry friends. Learn more about Tootsie and other animals seeking their furever homes on the Pet Rescue by Judy website.

Til next time . . . Holy bricks and Spanish moss, I’ve still got two Boxers glued to me!

Good luck weathering tonight’s latest storm!


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