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A senior golfer for the Windermere Prep Lakers, Bryce Burke led the way as the Lakers finished third in the state in Class 1A last week at the 2014 FHSAA Golf Finals. Burke shot a combined 150 over two rounds (73, 77) and tied for sixth as an individual, making him our choice for Athlete of the Week.

You shot a 150 over two rounds at the state tournament to lead your team to a third-place finish. How did you feel out there on the links playing on such a big stage?
I felt confident. I was hoping to bring it for the team and try to carry them as much as I could. It was fun; I enjoyed it. It was my last round of high school golf, and I just put my all into it.

What is the memory that you are going to take away from your senior season with the Lakers?
Just that, as a team, we did our best. We came out undefeated for most of the year and it was just fun to have a group of people that I enjoyed it with.

What are your plans for your college playing career?
I had a few options, but I am going to be signing at Arkansas Tech University. I had a good visit with that coach. … I’m looking forward to it.

Looking back at your prep golf career, where or when did you improve the most?
I would say my junior year is where I kind of picked up everything, got used to it. The more I built a relationship with the team, the more I could carry on (improving) with myself.

What’s your favorite course to play here in Central Florida?
I like playing Isleworth and my home course, Orange Tree. They’re really tough to play, and they’re in PGA Tour conditions, so it’s getting me used to what I’m going to be playing in the future.

There are a few athletic programs at Windermere Prep that are doing pretty well these days. What are your favorite other sports team to support?
I like supporting the football team and baseball. I’ll support who I can — I know other people support me, so I might as well send it back to them.

What’s your favorite show on television?
“Criminal Minds” — I like to try and solve things, challenge my brain a little.

Obviously, golf is your main hobby, do you have any others?
When I was young I used to build a lot with LEGOs, but now it’s more that I collect miniature cars and stuff. I like to find out stuff about airplanes and all that, engineering.

What’s your dream car?
I would have to say a McLaren — it just depends on which one they come out with but I have always had a thing for them.

Now that you know where you will be attending college, do you know what field of study you would like to pursue?
I’m going to be going into physical education. I like to keep up with body strength and all that.

Who is your role model?
Payne Stewart. Even though he died in a plane crash, he has always been that person I look to keep my humbleness and make sure that every time I win, I win humbly and lose gracefully.

Do you have a celebrity crush?
Surprisingly not. Jennifer Aniston, maybe.

Who would you say has helped nudge you in the right direction as you have progressed through your golf career?
Both my parents. I take my hat off to them for sticking with me these four years. Unfortunately, my dad lives halfway across the world (in South Africa). … he’s just giving his all to sacrifice his life for me to be here.

Where is a vacation spot that you haven’t been that you would really like to visit?
Hawaii. I’d really like to go there and see what everyone always talks about.


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