LETTER: Where is Winter Garden's 9/11 memorial?

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  • | 6:45 p.m. October 16, 2014
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LETTER: Ocoee: Beware of coyotes, bears
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Dear Editor:

A little more than two years ago, it was brought to my attention by a Winter Garden firefighter, along with my two children standing nearby, that the little odd-shaped piece of land that sits next to the fire department office off of Vineland, south of Story, would one day be turned into a 9/11 Memorial Park and be the resting home of a steel beam from the Twin Towers for which our Winter Garden firefighters raised funds and transported from New York City. We thought that was such a great idea for that space and would be proud to have it nearby — especially because we can walk over to the park from our home.

The park has been finished and beautifully landscaped for quite some time, a major improvement by the city for that road. But alas, the area that has been deemed to be the spot where the beam will go sits there empty, with nothing but mulch for the fire department employees to look at out their windows. We have been anxiously awaiting each time Sept. 11 approaches, thinking that maybe this will be the day they officially dedicate the park with that beam. But, so far, no mention of it. 

It seems a shame to us — especially because no one seems to know where the beam has gone — but also too, that Windermere has a 9/11 Memorial Monument, which includes a 650-pound piece of a steel beam and they have a celebration around it every year. We should be honoring our beam and the lives that were lost on that tragic day with a tribute every year here in Winter Garden, as well.

So, how can we make that happen — can someone enlighten us please?

Michelle, Genevieve and Julian Gentry

Winter Garden


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