ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Logan Czyzewski

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  • | 8:30 a.m. April 30, 2015
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With a pair of wins over Tampa HEAT, the Dr. Phillips boys volleyball team completed a perfect 25-0 regular season. Helping to lead the way has been senior Logan Czyzewski. Czyzewski, who recently signed a National Letter of Intent with California Baptist University, has been on fire of late with 52 kills, 26 digs and three blocks in Dr. Phillips’ last four wins over Winter Park, Boone and Tampa HEAT (twice), respectively.

When the final game was finished and you’d completed the undefeated regular season, how did that feel?

It was really cool because (Dr. Phillips) hasn’t done it since 1998 or something like that. So that was awesome. But, honestly, it wasn’t anything that we were too excited about because we’ve got one thing in mind, and it’s taking the district and getting through to the state tournament.

Was there a game during the season that you feel really tested the guys and where you all had to dig deep, mentally?

I think Lyman; Lyman was definitely our toughest game. We came in there slow; we came in there right after (defeating) Bishop Moore. We were tired, but we found a way to get the win. We played with a lot more heart (that night) than we did with actual skill. We played really well against a good team.

Your stellar play has deservedly brought you some attention, but you’re obviously not the only capable hitter for the team. What’s it like to play on this team, where so many of the guys can put one down for a kill?

It’s amazing. We have so much more people than just me and Kevin (Rocklein). Both of our middles and our setter have come around so much. They take so much pressure off of us that, when we’re not having our night, anyone else can pick us up. That’s the thing about this team.

Have the crowds for home games been increasing in size as the wins have piled up?

It’s starting to happen a lot more now that the regular season is over and we’re getting into the playoffs. It’s been great; everyone has been supporting us through the whole season.

With the success you all have had this spring, how important is mental focus to your success the rest of the way?

We’re in arguably the toughest district in the state. We really need to come out there focused. If we play the way we know we can play, that’s what it is. It’s all mental toughness — our skill is there, our chemistry.

What’s the feeling like when you go up for a big kill?

I think the reason volleyball is the best sport in the world is because you can completely mess up and then, three seconds later, have another opportunity to put one away. It’s a good feeling, for sure.

You’re heading to California Baptist to play your college ball. Have you had a chance to visit the campus?

Yeah, I took an official (visit) there. I love the whole atmosphere in California, the conference that they’re in. They’re competing with UCLA, USC, Stanford, Pepperdine — some of the biggest and best schools in the nation. It’s going to make me so much better as a player.

Are you excited to be heading out to live on the West Coast?

That’s unbelievable. It’s going to be amazing.

How did you get into playing volleyball?

I played baseball freshman to junior year, and one day, I was just like, “I don’t really want to play baseball anymore.” I picked up volleyball sophomore year — that’s when I started playing for high school. I honestly just fell in love with it; how quick it is, how much momentum you need to win a game.

Were you at all surprised at the level of athleticism and skill necessary to play the boys’ game?

Volleyball is one of the most athletic sports. It doesn’t get much credit, but you need to be very athletic to play volleyball. 

What are you going to miss the most when you go to college?

Going to DP completely changed my life for the better. I’m going to miss the team, obviously — the school, just living in Florida.

What’s it like to, through the success this team has had, be a part of the tradition of athletic excellence here at Dr. Phillips?

We haven’t, in the past couple years, been able to really pull away and get that state championship. So I feel like we need to do this for us and for DP.

What’re you going to miss the most when you go off to college?

Going to DP completely changed my life for the better. I’m going to miss the team, obviously — the school, just living in Florida.

What are you looking forward to the most about the last few weeks of being a high school senior?

I’m going to be the weird sports kid, but I’m excited for the playoffs.

What do you see yourself doing after college in California?

We’ve got a lot of connections overseas, professionally, volleyball-wise. Potentially, if there’s an opening there, I’d maybe play overseas for a little bit after college.

Outside of volleyball, what else could you see yourself doing after college?

I’m into film. I’m into TV production, so definitely that.

With your dad working as an agent, what’s the most memorable encounter you’ve had with a sports star?

Rickie Fowler was really cool to me. He’s a really cool guy. … He’s an outgoing person so (meeting him) was really cool.

Now that Central Florida has two professional sports franchises, do you have a preference between Orlando City and the Magic?

For sure, Orlando City Soccer. I was born and raised in Boston and I’ve got to support my Celtics. I’m a huge soccer fan.


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