ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Stephanie Campos

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  • | 9:22 a.m. August 27, 2015
ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Stephanie Campos
ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Stephanie Campos
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As a senior libero who has played for the Central Florida Christian Academy Eagles for four years, Stephanie Campos figures to be an important part of the team’s success under first-year coach Stacy Osborne. Individually, Campos celebrated a milestone Aug. 17 when she committed to play her college volleyball for Mount Ida College in Massachusetts.

How long have you been playing for the Eagles, and for whom do you play your club volleyball?

I have been playing for CFCA for four years, and I play for Top Select.

Have you always played libero, and did you always aspire to play in college?

I started out playing volleyball as a hitter, but I was not tall enough once I started playing in high school. I never thought I would be playing college.  … I got into club and everything, and that’s what helped me a lot.

How much of a factor was the distance from home? Are you excited to get out of Florida?

Sort of — my mom isn’t. But I am very excited; I’d really like to be out of Florida, so that’s a good factor for me. I moved from Peru a couple years ago, so I like Florida, but I think it’s because the school; I really liked it.

What do you like about the campus?

It’s about 45 minutes from Boston, and it is very nice. It’s big, but it’s not huge. It’s a private school, and the professors were very nice.

How did you hear about Mount Ida College?

I’ve been looking at different colleges outside of Florida. (Head coach Craig Martin) showed up to my national tournament for AAU, and he talked to me and my parents. He was very nice and he told us what he wanted to do with the program.

How exciting is it for you to be able to commit to play volleyball in college?

I’m very excited — I’m looking forward to starting on a new team with new players, and I’m very excited about the coach (Craig Martin), too.

What’s the outlook like for the Eagles this fall?

We’ve got a new coach this year, and she has worked with us a lot this summer. We’ve got four new players, and they’re a great addition to the team. Our first game, we actually did very well. I’m excited to see what the other games bring.

What are the team’s strengths?

Our defense is very good, so I think that’s something that other teams do not have. Individually, we’re really good players.

Is there a game or two on the schedule you’re looking forward to, in particular?

I am really looking forward to playing Windermere Prep and International Community School. I actually play with a couple girls from each team. They’re very good players, so I would like to see how we do against big teams.

Did you try any other sports, and how old were you when you started volleyball?

I tried softball; didn’t really work out for me. I started playing volleyball when I was 9.

What was the hardest part of moving from Peru to Florida when you were 12?

The language. We had learned some English over there, but it was never like all this speaking that I did here. That was the hardest part. Making friends wasn’t that hard, but trying to communicate with them was hard.

What’s your favorite thing about Florida as compared to Peru?

The opportunities. I would never get an opportunity like this (playing volleyball in college) over there.

How have you enjoyed your time at CFCA?

I love it here. We’re a very small school, so we’re very close with our classes. We talk all the time with the underclassmen. It’s been very good, and I could consider all my classmates good friends of mine.

What do you want to study in college?

Psychology. I want to be a therapist. I have had a lot going on through my life, so I think that I would relate a lot to what’s going on with other people.

What’s your favorite sport to support on campus?

The football team. We had an amazing season last year, and I’m very excited to see how we’re going to do with a new coach and new players (this fall). 

So what is something about you most people don’t know?

I like drawing a lot. I do it in my free time. If I don’t like being a therapist, I probably will want to do something with art.


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