Foundation Academy guard helped lead Lions to overtime victory against Legacy Charter Dec. 3.

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  • | 1:01 a.m. December 10, 2015
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A junior guard for the Foundation Academy Lions, Jaime Rivera scored 25 points for the Lions in a 60-56 overtime victory against Legacy Charter Dec. 3 at home. Foundation has a 3-2 record so far this fall and will have to take on the Eagles again Dec. 11, this time at Legacy Charter.


The victory over Legacy was pretty intense. Can you describe what it was like down the stretch?

I was feeling kind of nervous because we had a four-point lead with like a minute left — and then we blew it. We were down by two with 20 seconds left, and my teammate Nelson (Santana) hit a jump shot in the corner to tie it and send it into overtime.


It must have been fun to have been part of that kind of atmosphere, though, right?

It was real fun because I got all my friends in my class to come. They were all getting hyped and stuff for the game. It was awesome.


You guys obviously had a few teammates come over late from football season. How did you help them get up to speed?

I just helped them learn the plays and play with confidence; just helping them out when they don’t know what to do on the floor.


What’s your impression of how the team has performed so far, with a 3-2 record?

We’ve played pretty good in most of the games. Against Lake Mary Prep, we should have done a lot better. 


What do you like to study the most at school?

Physics. I want to be an engineer so I want to try and do good in (physics) so I can go to school for engineering.


Is there a specific job you’d like to do with an engineering degree?

I want to work as an Imagineer at Disney. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while. My mom told me it was a cool job and she works at Disney.


Is there anyone in particular associated with the program to whom you look up?

Coach Dejon Everson has helped me a lot. Getting me in on weekends and stuff during the summer, getting some shots up. He has helped me a lot.


What’s the hope or expectation for the team this winter?

We’re hoping to get second in the district and to make it to the second or third round of regionals.


What’s your favorite television show and your favorite character?

“The Office.” Probably Dwight.


Who is your favorite team and player to follow?

My favorite team would have to be the Clippers, and my favorite player would have to be Chris Paul. He plays the same position as me. I love his passing ability. He can find anyone on the floor. I try to model myself after him.


Have you played any other sports at Foundation?

I used to play football during my freshman year.


What is your favorite sport to watch beside basketball?

Football. I don’t have a favorite team, I just like watching it.


What do you all have to do to accomplish that?

We’re going to have to work a lot harder at practice; get more serious.


How long have you been hooping and what do you enjoy about playing the game?

I’ve been playing basketball since kindergarten. I just love that I get to come out with all my friends and my brothers and play the game that I love.


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