WGAA offers new seascapes workshop

Award-winning artist Kathie Camara will be teaching a new class in 2016 at which students will learn to paint the beach and ocean.

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  • | 2:50 p.m. December 22, 2015
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The sea has always been a source of artistic inspiration. From ancient Greek sculptures of Poseidon, to Hokusai’s 19th-century woodblock prints of waves, to Monet’s water lilies, famous pieces all over the world have paid homage to the water.

Starting next month and continuing throughout the year, artists in West Orange will have an opportunity to harness the spirit of the sea at an oil-painting workshop taught by Kathie Camara.

Kathie Camara’s seascape paintings are inspired by her love of the ocean, which first developed when she lived in Massachusetts.
Kathie Camara’s seascape paintings are inspired by her love of the ocean, which first developed when she lived in Massachusetts.

This Winter Garden Art Association class will last two days and is open to artists of any experience level, even first-time painters. On the first day of the workshop, students will gain the information they need to paint a seascape, such as the different parts of a wave and how it moves, and they will start the background of their pieces. The next day, they will fine-tune their work until it is complete.

“That’s one of the things I learned — when you’re doing something like that, you don’t just slap it on and it’s fine,” Camara said. “You have to go over it and refine it until it looks beautiful.”

Although Camara will help each student with his or her piece, she will not dictate identical instructions to everyone. Students can choose their colors, whether to depict a daytime or nighttime scene and make their own decisions about what “extras” to include. “We want the artist to express (his or her) own style,” Camara said.

Meet the Teacher

Camara lived most of her life in Massachusetts and started her art career there. She first became certified to teach painting in 2000 and has experience with watercolors, pastels, pen and ink and other media. Her media of choice are usually acrylics and oils, but recently, she also has become immersed in glasswork.

In 2004, after retiring, Camara and her husband followed their dream of living near Walt Disney World and moved to Central Florida. When the Winter Garden Art Association opened about two years ago and was looking for instructors, Camara signed on. She has led a pet portrait workshop numerous times at WGAA, among other classes.

Camara’s advice for first-time painters is simple.

“Just come with an open mind,” Camara said. “Come to learn something. I’m a perpetual student; I take classes all the time. … I think it makes me a better artist and it makes me a better teacher to learn new things.”

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