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At just 9 years old, Dr. Phillips’ Tyler “T.D.” Cross is already busy honing his skills in three sports — football, basketball and baseball. In the recent District 14 9-Year-Old Tournament of Champions championship game, Tyler stepped to the plate for Dr. Phillips and got a hit to score the winning run in a 13-12 victory over Windermere Little League’s American League team — completing a big comeback for the boys from Dr. Phillips.

“T.D.” is a pretty cool nickname — where did you get it?

Because I play football, and they call me “T.D.” for “Touchdown.”

Does that mean you score a lot of touchdowns when you play football?

Not really, but they still call me “Touchdown.”

How did it feel up there, batting with the game on the line?

I was nervous. … Once I got the bat on the ball, it felt really exciting. I just wanted to drive it.

Playing football, basketball and baseball, do you have a favorite?

Baseball, because it’s a really good sport to play. You could catch fly balls, and you never know what’s going to happen in the game.

What’s your favorite thing about playing basketball?

If you’re open, you get to drive the ball in and then take it to the basket and score.

What’s your favorite thing about playing football?

You get to hit really hard.

OK, so if you have to choose between getting a big hit in baseball, swishing a shot in basketball or making a good tackle in football — which feels the best?

Hitting a really good ball in baseball.

Who is your favorite baseball team and player?

My favorite team is the (St. Louis) Cardinals, and my favorite player is (Cardinals pitcher) Adam Wainwright. He pitches really good sinkers and fastballs. 

Do you have a favorite football team you like to follow?

In football, my favorite college team is the Ohio State Buckeyes. In the NFL, it’s the (Indianapolis) Colts.

What about basketball? Do you have a favorite team and player?

My favorite team is the Washington Wizards, and I like (Wizards point guard) John Wall.

When you’re in school, what is your favorite subject to study?

Math. I like math because there’s a lot of remainders and other stuff. 

Have you seen any cool movies lately?

Yeah, I saw “Jurassic World.” I like when the dinosaurs fight: the T-Rex and (Indominus Rex).

What’s your favorite television show?

My favorite is “Teen Titans Go!”

Now that summer is here and baseball is done, do you have any cool plans for the summer?

Vacation: We’re going to Canada! 

When you’re not busy playing sports, what is your favorite thing to do?

I like to play outside with my friends and go out and play drums.


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