Clermont's Patrick Gibson films music video in Winter Garden

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  • | 12:12 a.m. July 2, 2015
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WINTER GARDEN — After his first music video, “Florida Cracker Country Boy,” Patrick Gibson, a Clermont country musician, decided to return to his roots in Winter Garden for his second, “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

Gibson and his team shot that music video Saturday, June 20, in downtown Winter Garden.

“It wasn’t hard to find a great spot in downtown Winter Garden,” Gibson said. “The area is full of real-life history and natural southern beauty, and after visiting the new Plant Street Market, I knew this was the place.”

He also wanted to use Winter Garden because it is a place that holds a lot of history in his life, he said.

“For me, music and production is about keeping it real,” Gibson said. “I didn’t want a staged environment with staged actors. No, I wanted real people that I know have good family relations as fathers and daughters. This is not about glamor, fame and fortune — this is about life, love and the beauty that God has naturally provided. Why overshoot the message?”

The song’s theme is a reflection on the relationship between a father and his daughter, but perhaps not at the ages that first come to mind when thinking of that relationship.

“For me, this video is a home hitter — I worked with my wife on this song,” Gibson said. “It was written for her and her father to use as the father-daughter dance at our wedding in 2010. I played this live as they danced that dance on that day. To share this song (with) all the other fathers and daughters of all ages and backgrounds, that’s just an absolute blessing.”

Gibson said he knew back in 2010 that this song would become one of his singles and music videos, as soon as he and his wife had written it.

“The day we stopped in an Oerther Foods McDonald’s parking lot to write the song is the day the wheels starting moving,” he said. “From writing the song to recording the song to putting song into the form of video, all things felt as if the timing came as it was supposed to.”

Gibson and his team had recorded the song in two different ways: full-on production and scaled-back acoustic, he said.

“After comparing the two, I decided that the acoustic style was more one-on-one,” he said. “Sometimes less is more. We like to follow what we feel is more passionate rather than what the industry is asking for. Let’s keep it real. This song has been all of five years in the making. With the guidance of God, the timing is now seemingly right for the release. This production is what it is, nothing more or less than that.”

As an artist, Gibson believes this is important to put his lyrics into visual form to help listeners understand his true intentions as a songwriter, he said.

“For my career, I never put my finger on a song thinking it will be what ‘makes me,’” he said. “I make music in hopes that it will reach the lives of those who can use it. Do I think this will go over well with fans and such? It already has. No need to measure by numbers. This video will be part of many many special days of others. Could this put us on the map? Possibly.

“But that’s not up to us; I’ll let God decide this,” Gibson said. “It’s really just a video of an amazing love between daddies and daddies’ little girls. Really, what’s sweeter than that? It consists of real people, real passion and real love.”

The single and music video are set for release July 3 via iTunes and other digital release platforms, but the song currently plays on 98.7 Kix Country, Gibson said.

“I would like to thank the city of Winter Garden for the use of the city; Global Rapture Productions; the Plant Street Market; the Crooked Can brewery; Scoops Ice Cream Parlor; the Lee family; the Minnick family; the McWilliams family; the Chan family; and the others that put effort into this,” he said. “And to my wife for letting me into her life and for sharing her father-and-daughter moment with the world. And of course to my sons, Preston and Cadence, for keeping me motivated to move forward — even though they are not girls and the song was not about them. To God for the energy and guidance and none the less, to all the fans that keep us going.”

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