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  • | 1:00 a.m. July 2, 2015
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Intersection of North Lakewood and 13th avenues. Drunken driving. An officer saw a car stop too long at 11:43 p.m. at the intersection of North Lakewood and 13th avenues. The car drove off the road for five seconds, straddled the center line for five seconds and then started a turn on Anderson Place too soon. The officer held a traffic stop and saw an open Bud Light can on the floorboard behind the driver’s seat. He asked the two men in the car whether they spoke English; they said no. The driver’s breath smelled like alcohol, and his responses were slow and incomplete. The passenger repeatedly tried to speak for him. The passenger identified himself with a Guatemalan ID; the driver said he had none. The driver was incoherent in saying and illegible in writing his name and birthday. A Spanish-speaking officer arrived while the other found no record of the men. The driver stumbled to the back of the patrol car when asked to walk there. He told the Spanish-speaking officer he had consumed two or three Bud Lights starting at 7 p.m. while watching soccer. For a line-walking test, the driver walked barefoot. He could not keep balance at the start and then began before instructed. His feet crisscrossed as he drifted off line. Facial recognition software identified the driver as a different name from what he gave, with no valid license. He said he had no middle name, but his wife identified him with one. He said the beer belonged to a friend. Officers arrested him, and he repeatedly asked to see or call his wife despite being told no. He fell asleep in the car and registered a 0.241 blood-alcohol level.



Intersection of Wurst and Baranova roads. Driving without a license. An officer saw an eastbound car swerve twice into oncoming traffic and once off the other side of the road around 12:40 a.m. on Wurst Road. During a traffic stop, the driver said he had no license and then gave a Mexican ID card. A dispatch check confirmed he had no license, so the officer arrested him on that charge and issued a citation.


Ocoee Fire

The Ocoee Fire Department (stations 25, 26, 38 and 39) reported 107 calls for assistance from June 11 to 17:

Fires: 3

EMS: 76

Vehicle accidents: 10

Hazardous materials/conditions: 1

Public service: 14

False alarms: 2

Other: 1

Ocoee Police

The Ocoee Police Department reported 531 calls for service from June 4 to 10:

Arrests (adult): 18

Arrests (juvenile): 4

Assault/battery: 10

Burglary (residential and business): 6

Burglary (vehicle): 3

Child abuse: 2

Criminal mischief: 4

Drug violations: 2

DUI: 5

Homicide: 0

Robbery: 0

Sexual battery: 0

Thefts: 14

Vehicle accidents: 31

Vehicle thefts: 1

Missing/endangered adult: 0

Missing/runaway juvenile: 0

Windermere Police

The Windermere Police Department reported 99 calls for assistance from June 15 to 21.

Winter Garden Fire

The Winter Garden Fire Department (stations 22, 23 and 24) reported 82 calls for assistance from June 7 to 13:

Fires: 4

EMS: 72

Vehicle accidents: 4

Automatic fire alarms: 9

Public assistance: 7

Hazardous conditions: 2

Calls for service: 14

Winter Garden Police

The Winter Garden Police Department reported 521 calls for service from June 4 to 10:

Arrests (adult): 17

Arrests (juvenile): 4

Assault/battery: 8

Burglary (residential and business): 3

Burglary (vehicle): 2

Child abuse: 1

Criminal mischief: 3

Drug violations: 4

DUI: 2

Robbery: 0

Sexual assault/battery: 1

Thefts: 15

Vehicle accidents: 19

Vehicle thefts: 0

Missing/runaway adult: 0

Missing/runaway juvenile:


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