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As part of an offensive onslaught that helped propel the Windermere Red Sox to an 11-1 win over the Winter Garden Rays June 8 in the District 14 Top Team Majors (age 11-12) championship, J.T. Lewis belted his fourth home run of the season. Lewis, 12, is the team leader for the Red Sox in home runs and also plays first base and pitches.

Of the four home runs you have hit this season, which one was your favorite?

Today, because we’re in the championship. It was very awesome.

What’s it like when you hit a home run and round the bases?

Whenever I round the bases, I always stick up my arm — it’s basically a sign of my awesomeness.

Did you base that on something a big-league player does?

Nope, that’s just me.

What has been the secret to success for your team this year?

I think it was just that, by the end, we’d bonded together. We just got really close.

What is your favorite thing about playing baseball?

Hitting, definitely hitting. Pitching is second.

What makes you a good pitcher?

I think it’s my velocity, that I can get through the ball and it will zip down there.

What is your favorite team and who is your favorite player in baseball?

Red Sox and David Ortiz.

What are you looking forward to the most about the summer?

Probably just hanging out with my friends and going to the pool, some hotels.

Do you have any vacations planned?

In August, I’m probably going to go to Massachusetts to visit all my friends. I moved down here almost two years ago.

As you prepare to play in Juniors next spring, what do you need to focus on improving the most?

Probably to get a stronger arm, if anything, (because) the distance on the field is a lot longer.

What’s your favorite subject in school?

Math — it just came naturally to me, and being able to help my friends with it made it a lot easier for them and me.

Why do you think you guys get along so well?

In the beginning, my dad — he’s the head coach — he introduced such a warm heart to everyone, so everyone got together.

What are you looking forward to about the upcoming All-Stars tournament?

Probably playing with all the (12-year-olds) … it will be a lot easier to make plays and a lot less teaching, so we can have a little more fun in that.

Do you think your Boston Red Sox will win the World Series this fall?

Hmmm… I’d have to go with the Yankees, unfortunately.

What’s your favorite sport besides baseball?

Probably basketball. I use the backboard every time I shoot.

Who do you have winning the NBA Finals?

I’m going to go with Golden State because I like Steph Curry. LeBron (James) is not my favorite, at all.


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