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MAY 13


17000 block of West Colonial Drive. Driving while license suspended. At roughly 12:55 a.m., an officer stopped a driver who was traveling 65 mph in a 50-mph zone. Dispatch indicated the driver did not have a valid license and that there was a seize tag order if she was the registered owner of the vehicle. She was co-registered as the co-owner of the car, so the officer issued her a citation for driving with a suspended license and seized the tag from the car.


MAY 11


100 block of Conch Key Court. Throwing missile in dwelling. An officer reported at 10:35 p.m. to a neighborhood regarding a call of shots fired. The officer found a familiar man from prior incidents wearing denim shorts, a cap and no shirt in a dark corner. He said he was just hanging out and drinking beer with friends at a nearby residence but could not explain why he was in a dark area down the street. Beer bottles littered the front porch at that location, where the man does not live. The officer dismissed the call but returned 50 minutes later and found the man in a shirt with no cap, arguing with a female resident. She said the man had flipped her off while walking to her and accused her of calling police on him. She locked herself in her residence but heard banging outside. She noticed the man hiding behind a truck and that her bedroom window was broken. The man returned and yelled at her. Police found several beer bottles by the walls of the woman’s residence, along with a lightbulb removed from the porch light and set next to a bottle. Damages were around $100. The man said he was walking from his friend’s house to his “baby-mama house” and had no clue what happened at the woman’s residence. He said he had seen no one in the area, not even a shirtless man in a cap, and denied being in the area so dressed. Police arrested the man on throwing missile in dwelling charges.


Oakland Police

The Oakland Police Department reported the following stats for April:

Police Events: 940

Felony arrests: 8

Misdemeanor arrests: 5

Traffic stops: 293

Traffic crashes: 10

Business checks: 726

Vacation house checks: 5

Ocoee Fire

The Ocoee Fire Department (stations 25, 26, 38 and 39) reported 107 calls for assistance from May 7 to 13:

Fires: 4

EMS: 71

Vehicle accidents: 8

Hazardous materials/conditions: 2

Public service: 19

False alarms: 3

Ocoee Police

The Ocoee Police Department reported 430 calls for service from April 30 to May 6:

Arrests (adult): 22

Arrests (juvenile): 3

Assault/battery: 3

Burglary (residential and business): 3

Burglary (vehicle): 5

Child abuse: 0

Criminal mischief: 2

Drug violations: 5

DUI: 1

Homicide: 0

Robbery: 1

Sexual battery: 2

Thefts: 16

Vehicle accidents: 25

Vehicle thefts: 0

Missing/endangered adult: 0

Missing/runaway juvenile: 0

Windermere Police

The Windermere Police Department reported 108 calls for assistance from May 4 to 10.

Winter Garden Fire

The Winter Garden Fire Department (stations 22, 23 and 24) reported 102 calls for assistance from May 3 to 9:

Fires: 3

EMS: 78

Vehicle accidents: 6

Automatic fire alarms: 4

Public assistance: 1

Hazardous conditions: 3

Calls for service: 7

Winter Garden Police

The Winter Garden Police Department reported 532 calls for service from April 30 to May 6:

Arrests (adult): 21

Arrests (juvenile): 7

Assault/battery: 13

Burglary (residential and business): 3

Burglary (vehicle): 8

Child abuse: 0

Criminal mischief: 3

Drug violations: 6

DUI: 1

Robbery: 0

Sexual assault/battery: 0

Thefts: 10

Vehicle accidents: 16

Vehicle thefts: 2

Missing/runaway adult: 0

Missing/runaway juvenile: 1


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