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  • | 12:25 p.m. November 2, 2015
  • Southwest Orange
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From the start, a career involving properties has been a Funk family tradition, and now Realtors Jeffrey and Renee Funk are overseeing sales throughout Central Florida from an anchor office in Dr. Phillips, Realty Executives Central Florida.

“I’ve been involved in real estate ever since I was out of college,” Jeffrey Funk said. “My family owned a property management company in the area, near Disney, and it was just a natural progression in going from property management to the sales aspect. When we got full-time into sales, we decided to relocate the family to the Dr. Phillips-Windermere area and love it here.”

The Funks call their set of homes The Funk Collection, with a diverse range of options in three counties befitting a collection, particularly enhanced by the growth and diversity of the western area of the county, Renee Funk said.

“It’s a testament to the area, that people want to be here,” Jeffrey Funk said. “You see so many people wanting different areas, wanting to come to the Orlando area from all around the world. There’s then people from throughout Orlando wanting to come to this area (West Orange).”

West Orange County represents a significant focus — the municipalities they cover include Dr. Phillips, Windermere, Horizon West, Ocoee and Winter Garden. That focus has expanded westward as growth has just about tapped out in terms of newly developed properties in Dr. Phillips and Windermere, he said.

“Our philosophy with real estate is it’s not enough to say you specialize in an area or region,” Renee Funk said. “What it means to specialize is that you are living, working, playing and raising a family all in the exact area that you work and that is the area you believe in. This whole southwest Orlando area is that to us. We’re Windermere residents — this is our focus.”

Helping shoppers make transactions for primary residences, vacation homes and homes for people from all over the world adds to the enjoyment of the job, Jeffrey Funk said.

“One of our most proud features of our services that we offer is a labor of love, our website,” Renee Funk said. “Our website is a huge differentiator for us, being that we are local residents here. We have developed and nurtured and maintained our website,, to specifically focus on the neighborhoods and subdivisions throughout the southwest Orlando region.”

This helps the Funks extend their networks and easily demonstrate the best qualities of their homes to help clients find a proper fit, she said. Active listings and detailed data down to each subdivision allow clients deep access to what they should know going into a move, she said. Moreover, they use some of the best technology, including videography and photography, Jeffrey Funk said.

“What we give people is the local information, the inside of every community and what’s going on in each community that they can’t give you,” he said.

Often, the Funks become friends with their clients, an extension of their wish to please people, to see them happy after a job well done, he said.

“You’re with people in a time that requires the utmost level of trust,” Renee Funk said. “You’re handling one of — if not the — largest asset for all people, and you really create a bond, so to be entrusted with that process is special, especially when we’re working with clients who may not be from the area.”

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