Olympia High junior Brandon Lymon is set to compete in the state weightlifting championships.

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  • | 1:14 p.m. April 15, 2016
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Olympia High junior Brandon Lymon is on his way to the FHSAA boys state weightlifting championships after he placed first in the 169-pound weight class at the Class 2A Region 5 meet April 1. Lymon recorded a bench press of 325 pounds and a clean-and-jerk of 230 pounds at the regional meet for a 555-pound total — 10 pounds ahead of the runner-up. 


What was going through your mind when you placed first?

A lot of emotions were going through my mind. I was happy and proud of myself because of what I accomplished this year. It was a surprise.


What do you hope to accomplish at the state meet?

To get first place and to get a ring on my finger!


How did you first get into weightlifting?

It was my sophomore year. I noticed how strong I was, so I just wanted to come here and try it out and see how good I could get.


What is the most challenging part for you, and how are you working on it?

The clean and jerk. It’s the one thing I most struggle with. I’m working on my technique and getting stronger at it.


How do you prepare for a meet?

I just work hard, practice and get my mind focused on the task at hand.


Who’s your favorite musical artist?

Drake. I like the way he raps, and he has good lyrics.


If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

I’d be a lion. I like how ferocious they are!


Who do you look up to the most and why?

I would say Adrian Peterson, from the Vikings. He works hard; it’s just the way he works and his determination to be the best at what he does.


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Stay focused in school and don’t do things that will mess up your future and your future goals.


What are your hobbies outside of weightlifting?

Playing video games and hanging out with friends. My favorite game is Madden 25. 


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