Break your workout routine with a new one!

Commit to be fit with a new workout schedule

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  • | 8:00 a.m. August 25, 2016
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The summertime always proves to interrupt our daily routines and our workout routines. With kids out of school, family vacations and relatives in town, it’s tough to keep our schedules on track and keep a steady workout regimen. That’s why the end of the summer is a great time to break the old routines that may have been getting a little stale and start new more productive ones. Now that kids have started back to school and you have the relatives back to their own homes, let’s look at some great ways to start a new workout routine that will help you reach your goals, stay active and keep consistent.

Commit to be fit

Sometimes the most difficult part of a new routine is just committing and sticking to it. We can always find something else to be doing. Something is always “more important” and exercise is always the first thing to be put on the back burner. Exercise needs to be scheduled just like your meeting, grocery shopping or eating. This is one of the reasons that so many people have a difficult time exercising at home. We can always find something to do that might sound better than exercising. This is when laundry sounds more interesting, that television show that you’ve never watched seems a little more intriguing or your sock drawer is suddenly too disorganized to wait any longer to organize. Determine when you have the most energy and schedule time to exercise. By scheduling the time and committing to it, you’ll be more likely to build a more consistent routine.

Get out of the house

Building off the last point, exercising at home can be more difficult with all of the distractions that are there. Find a place to exercise that reduces the distractions or where the distractions are exercise related, like a gym. If you’ve never been a member at a gym or it’s been a long time since you were a member, find a gym that has a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. At Anytime Fitness, Winter Park, we pride ourselves on the welcoming environment and we provide every new member with a complimentary health consultation to help review their goals and diet and two complimentary personal training sessions to help educate them and get them on a productive route to reaching their goals and acclimating to the fitness environment. Getting out of the house to exercise also works in making your exercise a priority by taking action to go to the gym. Since you’re there, you might as well workout! And we have televisions, just in case that television show that you never watch really turns out to be more interesting that you thought.

Buddy up

While holding yourself accountable can work well, having someone else hold you accountable works better. By bringing a friend to work out with you, you have an accountability partner and it’s much more fun to work out with someone. People are more likely to continue working out when they work out with someone. Conversation moves the workouts along and you can push each other toward reaching new goals. We have a number of people who buddy up for workouts with a personal trainer for added excitement, versatility and accountability. Plus, buddying up with a trainer is much more affordable than many people think!

Consistency is key with building new habits, routines and a healthier lifestyle. Changing up your routine also makes your workouts more enjoyable and new. These are just a few simple ways to get into a new routine and reach your fitness goals now that the summer chaos is behind us. Our staff and personal trainers have countless more ways to mix up your routine, make things more interesting and help you reach the goals that you have or need help with. Let us know how we can help you!

Patrick McGaha Jr., member experience manager at Anytime Fitness, Winter Park, is dedicated to building a welcoming environment in the club, conducive to helping members and clients reach their health fitness goals. To get your fitness and nutrition related questions answered by a certified personal trainer, or for a free personal training session, call us at 321-972-5833 or email [email protected]


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