Dr. Usha Jain is one of four candidates for Orange County Commission District 1

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Editor's note: These are the complete, unedited answers from Orange County Commission District 1 candidate Dr. Usha Jain.

AGE: 65
FAMILY: Husband, Manohar; two daughters
: Medical doctor and have three specialties; emergency medicine, anti-aging and pediatrics
EXPERIENCE: Worked at ORMC as trauma physician from 1979 to 1985 and for last 31 years, I am blessed to serve the community West Orange and Dr. Phillips and Windermere area.
ENDORSEMENTS: I got on the ballot through petitions and my endorsement is the citizens. I was planning for this race only if I get petitions, which I did.

This race is one of the most competitive in Orange County, and it also happens to be one of the most important to West Orange residents. There have been several negative advertising pieces sent to District 1 residents by more than one candidate. Evaluate yours — and the other candidates’ — campaigning processes.  
I have not sent any mailing pieces. I did get the mailing pieces from other candidates.

West Orange County is one of the fastest-growing communities in the country. How do you balance that growth? What is smart growth?
Smart growth is where you balance the growth which helps the growth and economy but not at the expense of the convenience to the community by having traffic jam.

What would you do to maintain safety in West Orange as it continues to grow?
Police needs to be supported in their work and the criminals should be taken to the jail rather than worrying about the civil right suit. Safety has been a major issue lately. There are break ins and in Bay Hill, Isleworth etc. Three cars were broken in one night including mine in Isleworth.

What would you do to increase jobs in West Orange? 
Small businesses should have support and politicians needs to stop to do the favors for their contributors. The big companies who contributes for their campaign will get the favors sooner or later. Small businesses can employ people if they receive the equitable treatment from the Govt. like zoning, code enforcement etc.

After tourism, what should be the second-largest economic driver in West Orange?
It should be high-tech jobs.

What is the greatest problem facing District 1, and what are your solutions to that problem?
Congestion and traffic jams

Communication between the Orange County Commission and the Orange County School Board will continue to be important as West Orange continues to grow. As District 1 commissioner, how would you work to ensure the two entities cooperate and communicate?
Working with School Board would be important. The funding should be distributed fairly according to the growth.

Evaluate the work of outgoing District 1 Commissioner S. Scott Boyd. If you had to assign Boyd a letter grade (A to F), how would you grade him? Why?
C & D. Scott Boyd did not support the small businesses and also did not do anything for the disadvantage people.

If you were elected, what would stay the same under your leadership?

If you were elected, what would change under your leadership?
I would definitely support the small business and will make sure they get fair and equitable treatment. That will help the economy. I know of businesses which were closed because of unfairness of the Govt.

What differentiates you from the other candidates for this position?
I am altogether different because of the following:

  1. I am not taking any contributions from any one so I would not have to owe favor to anyone.
  2. I feel there is a need in the Govt. of the people who will do fair and equitable treatment of all the citizens.
  3. I do not need this job as I already have a job so if I am going for this position then it is for the people and not for me.
  4. I am not stressed for this race because I consider this as my mission.
  5. I have a vision and mission to make the community of District one to be the healthy and happy community.
  6. I am going beyond the scope of my medicine to help the community.
  7. Fair and equitable treatment and safety will prevent the depression, heart attack and strokes in the community.

What qualities or skills do you bring to this position?
I will promote community functions and talents of the community so the time is spent more on that rather than going to bar to take the stress out.

Why are you the best candidate?
I am the best one as I have no obligation from any one as I did not raise any funds and did not take any contributions from the people. True mission to help the community beyond the scope of my medicine.


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