Windermere Town Council meeting: July 12

Windermere commissioners seek local government support to improve traffic via road constructions, hire contractor to create electronic archival database.

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  • | 5:03 p.m. July 13, 2016
Windermere Town council recognizes Austin Keaton and Joao Pacheco for their heroic actions on Friday, July 8, when they rescued a father and his daughter after their small plane plunged into Lake Down.
Windermere Town council recognizes Austin Keaton and Joao Pacheco for their heroic actions on Friday, July 8, when they rescued a father and his daughter after their small plane plunged into Lake Down.
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Tuesday’s Windermere Town Council meeting was host to many photographers from local news stations, joyful tears and awards.

Austin Keaton and Joao Pacheco, two teenagers who both witnessed and rescued a father and daughter whose small plane plunged into Lake Down on Friday, July 8, were recognized for their heroic actions. Windermere Police Chief David Ogden recognized Officer Ryan Miller for five years of service from April 2011 to April 2016, and Windermere Mayor Gary Bruhn recognized John Thurman with a plaque of appreciation for his commitment and volunteer service for the Downtown Business Committee of Windermere from March 2011 to February 2016.

After awards were presented, business as usual was conducted. A presentation regarding proposed lot split options was postponed because presenter Brad Cornelius was unable to attend the meeting. The presentation was rescheduled for the next town council meeting in August.

Resolution 2016-06: Efforts to improve traffic

Windermere Mayor Gary Bruhn is working with various agencies, including the West Orange Chamber of Commerce, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the Ocoee City Council to make traffic improvements and improve connectivity. The resolution proposes to extend Old Winter Garden Road and link it to the Florida Turnpike. Bruhn hopes this will allow residents to reach Horizon West and Apopka State Road 429 without having to use Tomyn Boulevard. The resolution will also improve the Turnpike exit and entrance on highway 50 in Ocoee because it is currently 50 years old, which makes it dangerous when coming in and out at high speeds, Bruhn said. The resolute=ion proposes to incorporate the Turnpike exchange with Old Winter Garden Road and Tomyn Boulevard. Bruhn added that he will also discuss the resolution with Oakland and Winter Garden commissioners to receive their support.

Windermere signage study

The results of a study conducted over the past several weeks that checked the traffic signs in Windermere were presented to the council by Mike Woodward from Kimley Horn & Associates. The study checked if traffic signs abided by legal standards. Several signs, Woodward said, are too low to the ground, too small, too obscured by surrounding bushes, or have too much mildew on them. The signs that failed to reach standards will need to be replaced. Concerns were cited about the costs of replacing all the signs simultaneously due to costs. Mayor Bruhn suggested the signs be replaced in phases according to priority: Signs in high-traffic areas will be replaced first. The budget for this project has not yet been determined.

RFP 2016-01: Records Management Services

Town Clerk Dorothy Burkhalter presented Windermere commissioners with options regarding companies able to create a software that can digitize all the archives from council meetings starting from 1925 to the present. Currently, the Windermere Town Council's archives are physically stored as hard copies. Scanning costs were a concern to commissioners, as the price to scan a single 8.5" by 11" page is 13 cents. It is unknown how many pages are presently stored, but commissioners awarded the RFP to Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., under the condition that costs charged are not to exceed $50,000. If this project is completed, it will allow individuals instantaneous access to agendas and minutes without having to file a records request.


Solid waste collection services

The council discussed the option to reduce the frequency of solid waste collection from twice per week to once per week. Reducing the frequency would have saved residents $2 per month, Bruhn said. After consideration, it was decided by mutual consent to keep collection frequency at twice per week out of concern for big families who, it was assumed, might oppose the idea.

Final Plat Review

Some minor revisions had not yet been approved of the final blueprint for Estancia at Windermere until tonight’s meeting. The final layout was unanimously approved and will now be given to Orange County for verification.

Ordinance 2016-01

Commissioners set aside time for a public hearing on Ordinance 2016-01, which seeks to revise regulations in the Land Development Code concerning accessory buildings, uses structures, and animals. No public input was given, and the ordinance was unanimously approved by the commissioners.



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