Ocoee Commission approves millage rate, street lighting contracts, road projects

Ocoee City Commission has authorized bills involving contracts to install additional street lighting, road projects, and funds for the 2016 Ocoee Founder's Day Festival.

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  • | 6:10 p.m. July 20, 2016
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The Ocoee City Commission meeting on July 19 approved several bills pertaining to millage rates, the Bluford Avenue stormwater improvement project, asphalt paving projects, and funds for the Ocoee Founder’s Day Festival and Ocoee Fire Department. Here are a few noteworthy items the commission approved on the consent agenda.

1. Tentative millage rate for upcoming fiscal year

In order to comply with the TRIM Act, a law enacted in 1980 designed to inform taxpayers of imposed property taxes, governmental bodies must set a proposed tentative millage rate annually in July. The proposed millage rates, which are then sent to the Orange County Property Appraiser, is used to calculate the annual property taxes. The current millage rate is 5.9104, and the tentative millage rate for the fiscal year of 2016-2017, which begins in September, has been approved for 6.500 mils. Commissioners also approved a $37,293 purchase of a replacement Mako Air System requested by the Ocoee Fire Department.

2. Additional street lighting

Commission approval has been given for two contracts with Duke Energy to install additional light fixtures on Ingram Road north of the Clarcona-Ocoee Road intersection and Rewis Street between West and Spring Avenues, as well as Jojio Shores Road, north of the Silver Star Road intersection. The cost proposal for light pole installations on Ingram Road is $5,162.41 and $3,187.99 for Rewis Street. The cost proposal for light fixture installations on Johio shores Road is $5,524.01.

3. Bluford Avenue Stormwater Improvement Project

Landscaping of the new median north of Orlando Avenue had been delayed to ensure the character of the plantings matched with the character and design of the Downtown Ocoee master plans. Commissioners have now officially approved phase one of the Bluford Avenue Stormwater Improvements projects by authorizing the issuing of a purchase order to the Ocoee’s landscape contractor, Valleycrest Landscape Services, Inc for $14,602.15.

4. Allocations: Founder’s Day Fest and Fire Department

The City Commission authorized a financial allocation amounting to $52,500 from city funds for the initial costs of the 2016 Ocoee Founder’s Day Festival, which will be held November 4 and 5. The estimated costs come from entertainment, production and marketing expenses. It is anticipated that the revenue from the Ocoee Founder’s Day Festival will “come close to reimbursement.”

5. Bid awarded for asphalt paving project

The Public Works and Finance Department reviewed bids from four contractors ranging from $205,819 to $334,523 for construction services required for asphalt paving projects. The asphalt for roads within the Ocoee Hills and Brentwood subdivisions; Leslie Ann Lane from Sal Street to Nicole Boulevard; and Lady Avenue from Ursula Street to Nicole Boulevard will be resurfaced using SP-9.5 Asphaltic concrete. Commissioners awarded the bid to The Middlesex Corporation for $205,819.

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