New principal but familiar face at Ocoee Middle

Samuel Davis, the new principal at Ocoee Middle School, has served at Ocoee Middle as assistant principal for three years.

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  • | 7:36 p.m. June 29, 2016
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OCOEE Samuel Davis is the new principal at Ocoee Middle School, but he’s not new to Ocoee Middle.

Three years ago, he applied to become assistant principal at the school. Because Ocoee Middle is Florida’s State Demonstration School for technology, he had to create a video to get the job.

Each year, he creates a video for his daughter’s birthday, so he had the technical experience to create a unique video.

His submission was based on the theme of “The Breakfast Club” and the song, “Don’t You Forget About Me.” 

He got the job. 

During Davis’s time at Ocoee Middle, he participated in the Preparing New Principal Academy, with the goal of ultimately becoming a principal. He didn’t expect that opportunity to come at Ocoee Middle, but when it did, he grabbed it. 

“It was a gift; it was a blessing,” Davis said. “As assistant principal, I had developed a skill set that was aligned to be a principal here.” 

Davis decided to pursue administration after a principal observed his classroom at Freedom Middle School and told Davis that he saw him becoming a leader. That led Davis to join the Aspiring Leaders program and work his way to becoming principal. 

“I still thank him for that,” Davis said. 

As principal at Ocoee Middle, Davis said he will work to maintain the school’s positive path. He hopes to emphasize relationships and the sense of belonging students have at the school. He considers it crucial for students to find a place within the school — whether that be a club, elective, arts program or even just a teacher the students look up to as a mentor. 

Additionally, he will continue to emphasize the technology programs at the school. Each sixth-grader is required to take a technology elective so they can know what their school offers them. 

“It ensures that all Ocoee Middle School students can be placed on the path to industry certification in the digital field,” he said. 

Students then have the choice to continue to take electives that will allow them to gain industry certification in digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Internet business and programming and logic. 

In the upcoming school year, Ocoee Middle School will add two new teachers to help expand the digital elective program. 


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