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There's disorderly intoxication, and then there's what a man did Feb. 15 in Ocoee.

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  • | 11:51 a.m. March 10, 2016
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FEB. 20

17000 block of State Road 438. Burglary. An officer dispatched at about 12:20 p.m. noticed a series of burglaries at the West Orange Trail Killarney Station. The original complainant reported a purse and its contents as stolen from a family vehicle, via a smashed window. The purse and its contents were worth more than $1,000. Another victim’s window was broken but nothing taken, despite an iPad inside. Each busted window was valued at $300.


FEB. 12

9000 block of West Colonial Drive. Probation violation. An officer observing traffic near a mall at about 2:33 a.m. noticed a car speeding at 60 mph. The car bore a Georgia plate, but the driver held a Florida ID card and no license. A check showed the driver as wanted in Orange County on a charge of violating probation and the vehicle as stolen from Early County, Georgia. The driver said she did not know the vehicle had been stolen — a male told her he had driven it from Georgia three weeks prior. Officers arrested her on the outstanding warrant.

FEB. 15

Palm and Royal drives. Disorderly intoxication. At about 1 p.m., officers were dispatched to Palm Drive under State Road 429. They found a Winter Garden policeman observing a man struggling to maintain balance on the roadside. The man failed to provide his name or residence, but the Master Name Index confirmed it. The Winter Garden officer said the man had been walking east on Palm Drive and did not hear the officer call to him. At that point, the suspect unzipped his pants and began urinating under S.R. 429. The officer called again, at which point the suspect had identified himself and said he had drunk about 24 beers. Ocoee officers arrested the suspect on disorderly intoxication charges.



Oakland Police

The Oakland Police Department reported these stats for February:

Business checks: 927

Felony arrests: 1

Misdemeanor arrests: 7

Police events: 1,035

Traffic crashes: 11

Traffic stops: 259

Vacation house checks: 31


Ocoee Fire

The Ocoee Fire Department (stations 25, 26, 38 and 39) reported 357 calls for assistance from Feb. 4 to 24:

Fires: 9

EMS: 232

Vehicle accidents: 21

Hazardous materials/conditions: 4

Public service: 61

False alarms: 30

Other: 0


Ocoee Police

The Ocoee Police Department reported 1,542 calls for service from Jan. 28 to Feb. 24:

Arrests (adult): 41

Arrests (juvenile): 8

Assault/battery: 30

Burglaries (residential and business): 9

Burglaries (vehicle): 34

Child abuse: 26

Criminal mischief: 8

Drug violations: 10

DUI: 4

Homicide/death investigations: 0

Robberies: 1

Sexual offenses: 4

Thefts: 57

Vehicle accidents: 119

Vehicle thefts: 4

Missing/endangered adults: 1

Missing/runaway juveniles: 5


Winter Garden Fire

The Winter Garden Fire Department (stations 22, 23 and 24) reported 414 calls for assistance from Jan. 24 to Feb. 20:

Fires: 6

EMS: 285

Vehicle accidents: 32

Automatic fire alarms: 40

Public assistance: 12

Hazardous conditions: 13

Calls for service: 26


Winter Garden Police

The Winter Garden Police Department reported 2,260 calls for service from Jan. 21 to Feb. 17:

Arrests (adult): 84

Arrests (juvenile): 4

Assault/battery: 39

Burglaries (residential and business): 13

Burglaries (vehicle): 61

Child abuse: 0

Criminal mischief: 14

Drug violations: 19

DUI: 10

Robberies: 3

Sexual assault/battery: 4

Thefts: 52

Vehicle accidents: 113

Vehicle thefts: 3

Missing/runaway adults: 0

Missing/runaway juveniles: 1


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