"Udderly" delicious ice cream available at Frozen Cow

At Frozen Cow Ice Cream, there are no bovine growth hormones or high-fructose corn syrup.

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There’s a new ice cream shop in town, and the owners, northern transplants Mario DeLuca and Frank Rodriguez, want residents to taste why their sweet treat is different.

Frozen Cow Ice Cream opened in August in the Vine Village Shopping Center on Winter Garden Vineland Road in Winter Garden. The entrepreneurs both live in the city and have been in the food business for many years.

“This is our first venture as business owners, and we chose ice cream because of our passion for really great-tasting premium ice cream,” DeLuca said. “We like to tell our customers that we're just ice-cream nerds.  We love what we do, and we want our customers to love our ice cream and hospitality.”

And the name?

“We wanted a recognizable name that would translate well to a fun and interesting logo,” he said.

The shop’s walls are splashed with color with bold paint and bright artwork. Different colored candies are on display on the countertop. But what’s most eye-catching is what is inside the display cases — ice cream in hues of yellow, orange, pink, blue and green.

The locally owned business serves 36 flavors of hand-blended ice cream made from Florida dairy and pure cane sugar with the addition of selected nuts, fruits and flavorings. There are no bovine growth hormones or high-fructose corn syrup, DeLuca said.

“We feel the milk from free-range Florida cows makes for the best and sweetest super-premium ice cream,” he said.

The ice cream is made using the batch-freezer method, which the owners say is an old-fashioned technique. The less air that gets into the ice cream, the creamier the product.

Once the ice cream is frozen, then the tasty extras are hand-blended in.

The Bing cherries in the black cherry ice cream come from a sustainable farm in Minnesota, the strawberries are from Plant City, the peaches in the Georgia Peach ice cream are from Georgia, and the caramel is imported from Peru.

What’s the best seller? DeLuca says it’s Salted Caramel.

There are many different fruity ice-cream options, as well as the traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Sprinkles and other candies can be added, too.

The 21 Club gives adults a twist on traditional ice cream with Billy’s Wild West Bourbon Pecan (bourbon ice cream saddled with pecans soaked in Kentucky bourbon then rolled in coarse raw sugar), Captains Rum Raisin (rum ice cream with sweet raisins soaked in Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum), Cappuccino Kahlua (cappuccino ice cream with chocolate chips and Kahlua swirl) and Grand Marnier Chocolate Truffle (chocolate ice cream with orange Cognac/Grand Marnier flavor, Belgian chocolate flakes and brownie bits).

The menu includes specialty sundaes (such as Moo Tracks, Udder Butter, Happy Cow, Gooey Mooey, Mooliscious Overload and Deja Moo), floats, hand-spun shakes and fresh baked ice cream cookiewiches and fresh made ice cream wafflewiches.

As the owners like to say, “Come on in and enjoy utterly delicious ice cream and meet the herd.”

“We offer a super-premium ice cream, with great customer service and hospitality, in a happy and welcoming shop,” DeLuca said. “It just makes you feel good.”


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