Betsy VanderLey clarifies position on taxes via video advertisement

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  • | 11:15 p.m. September 28, 2016
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Oakland resident Betsy VanderLey, who is running against Winter Garden Commissioner Robert “Bobby” Olszewski in the Orange County Commission District 1 race, has released a political advertisement on YouTube.

VanderLey briefly explained her position on taxes in the one-minute long video clip, stating she would oppose any new taxes that aren’t approved by the voter and would call for a provision that allows taxes to expire once the project or problem is completed or resolved.

“To raise taxes is just a lazy way to meet a budget shortfall," said VanderLey in the clip. "It shouldn’t be our first line of defense to just reach into taxpayer dollars. It should be our last line of defense.”

VanderLey added t
hat she supports the use of taxes for public safety, firefighters, law enforcement, roads and schools.

“Before I reach into your pocket and ask you to fund something, I want to make sure it’s something you feel you can’t live without from the government," said VanderLey. "Now you know from me, and not from rumors (or misrepresentations), how I feel about our taxes.”

VanderLey’s purpose for creating this video, as a recent campaign press release indicates, is due to comments she claims an opponent said during the primary that misrepresented her position on taxes.

Both Olszewski and VanderLey recently participated in a debate held at the Tiger Bay Club of Central Florida. The runoff election will take place Tuesday, Nov. 8.


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