Oakland resident victim of distraction scam

Oakland police warn of distraction scams following a recent incident in which scam artists stole jewelry from a homeowner.

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  • | 1:05 p.m. August 17, 2017
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OAKLAND – An Oakland homeowner was the victim of scam artists who stole valuable jewelry from his residence on Tuesday, August 15.

Oakland police say the man was approached by a Hispanic man who introduced himself as Mr. Johnson and claimed the roof of the victim’s home was in need of repair.

The Hispanic man was later joined by a Hispanic woman and all three individuals walked behind the victim’s home where they continued to discuss the need for a roof repair. 

Eventually, the Hispanic man – who police describe as being clean-shaven and approximately six-feet tall with a thin build – excused himself and returned to the front of the home as the woman kept the homeowner occupied, Oakland police said.

The homeowner and woman then walked to the front of the home as the Hispanic man was exiting the front door. Both the man and woman then left in a silver GMC Sierra with a camper top.

The victim later discovered several pieces of jewelry were missing. Oakland police suspect the man stole the items as the woman distracted the victim.

Oakland police said the incident is similar to a distraction scam that occurred on South Tubb Street in July in which two men in a white van contacted homeowner claiming to be with the town’s water department. In this instance, one man distracted the homeowner in the kitchen while the other searched for valuables in the home. 

 It wasn’t until after the men had gone that the victim discovered items stolen from her purse.

“These types of incidents are occurring elsewhere in Orange County as well,” Oakland police warn. “Please be cautious of any unexpected or unannounced visit by individuals who request entry into your home, or who try and get you out of the home, for any reason.”

Homeowners are not obliged to allow utility workers, municipal, county or other government employees entry into their home until the homeowner has confirmed their identity with their employer, Oakland police added.

Police ask anyone with possible information that may be helpful in identifying the suspects alluded to above to contact Oakland Police Detective Angela Campbell at 407-656-9797.


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