COPS CORNER 12.10.17

One man expressed his frustration with receiving a traffic ticket by stalking a law-enforcement officer, and another man was caught attempting to steal an iPhone 7 from a cellphone store.

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  • | 4:47 p.m. December 19, 2017
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Nov. 21. 3300 block of Daniels Road: At 2:01 p.m., an officer was dispatched to cell phone store after the employees reported they had one of two suspects in their custody who attempted to steal iPhones on display from the store. According to the store’s employees, two young men entered the store, walked straight over to the display case, grabbed cell phones and ran out of the store. One employee ran after them and tackled the suspect to the ground, however, the second suspect jumped into a red Chevy Impala and drove away with an iPhone 7. The two suspects reportedly grabbed two phones each tugged the phones out of the security devices tethering them to the display case. In the attempted theft, the display case was destroyed, which is estimated to cost $1,000 to fix, and an iPhone 8 was damaged, worth $749.

Nov. 25, 3300 block of Daniels Road: At approximately 2:15 p.m., the employee of a department store flagged down a law-enforcement officer located in a parking lot to report the store had a potential shoplifter in their custody. According to two store employees, a woman entered the jewelry department and selected seven items of jewelry along with a red dress from the clothing department. The woman then concealed the items in her pink backpack while in the lingerie department and attempted to exit the store before she was stopped by a Loss Prevention Officer. The concealed items were estimated to cost $196 in total. A search of her backpack produced other items that appeared to be stolen from other nearby stores. The woman was placed under arrest.


Dec. 2, 252 Ocoee Apopka Road: Around 3 a.m., an officer on patrol heading north on Maguire Road came to a red light at Franklin Street encountered an irate man, who he heard yelling at him from a nearby gas station. According to the officer, the man yelled several obscenities, including statements such as, “F--- you, crackers. You can’t stop me,” and “I got something for you crackers.” The man also displayed a vulgar gesture using both of his middle fingers. After informing dispatch of the incident, the officer learned the man was upset for being given a traffic ticket by another officer earlier that day. The officer parked at a nearby bank and called for backup. While parked there, the irate man drove by the officer’s location twice, continuing his use of profanity until he eventually left Ocoee’s city limits and entered Winter Garden, His leave prompted the officer to go assist a fellow officer at the scene of an accident nearby. However, the irate man soon returned and slowly drove by the officer’s location four more times while continuing to yell profanities. The officer decided to conduct a traffic stop, but could not locate the man’s vehicle, until he realized the vehicle was coming up behind his patrol car. The irate man revved his vehicle's engine repeatedly as though he intended to ram the officer’s car from behind until the officer exited the patrol car and commanded the man to stop and exit his vehicle. The man complied and was charged with stalking and possession of 3.7 grams of cocaine.

Dec. 8, 20 Cedar Key Court: At approximately 4 p.m., an officer responded to a residence in reference to a burglary. The homeowner informed the officer his wife called him at 5 p.m. to tell him that someone entered their home and stolen a large flat-screen TV he’d recently purchased for $140. A neighbor identified the woman who was seen walking away from the home in question with a TV in her possession. According to the neighbor, the woman, whose name she also provided, left in a white van. Police visited the address listed for the woman suspected of stealing the TV and found her hiding under a table covered in white cloth that hung down to the floor. The woman admitted to stealing the TV and selling it for narcotics. She later called the man to whom she sold the TV, allowing police to recover the TV and return it to the rightful owner. The woman was charged with burglary.


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