One Winter Garden lady couldn't keep her eyes off a cop she found visually attractive, and an aggressive truck driver in Oakland decided to give law enforcement an attitude.

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  • | 4:00 p.m. February 14, 2017
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Jan 30, 1343 block of Sand Lime Road: Around 2:20 a.m., two police officers confronted a white male driver who was suspected of driving a vehicle intoxicated. Upon approaching the male driver, one officer noticed the smell of alcoholic impurities on the driver's breath, along with slurred speech and significant response delays. The second officer's attempt to extract the driver's address was unsuccessful, as the driver repeatedly stated he lived at 1339 "Lime." when asked to exit the vehicle, the driver struggled to stand straight and exhibited a visible orbital sway. The officers also realized his pants zipper was open and it appeared the driver had urinated on himself. The driver was soon arrested and transported to a DUI testing center where he provided two breath samples resulting in 0.193 and 0.182. The driver was charged with a DUI citation.


Feb. 4, Sleepy Harbour Drive: A male officer traveling south on Clarke Road observed a vehicle nearly drive into oncoming lanes while conducting a U-turn. The same vehicle was then seen weaving outside of its lane several times while only going 30 mph. At one point, the right tires struck a curb. The witnessing officer conducted a traffic stop, and during a conversation with the female driver, the driver admitted she had just drunk 10 12-ounce Bud Light beers. 

When the cop asked why, the female driver stated she was just sad. Noticing the driver’s glassy eyes and slurred speech, the officer asked if she would submit to a sobriety exercise test. She agreed. During an exercise requiring the driver to simply follow the red light emitting from the officer’s pen with her eyes, she continually stared at the officer instead, claiming he was cute. In a subsequent exercise testing her balance, she also failed. Considering her failure to disprove the officer’s suspicions of intoxication, the driver was arrested and charged with a DUI.


Feb. 2, West Colonial Drive: A police officer on patrol witnessed a man in a grey truck who was talking on the phone fail to stop at a red light. The officer had passed the intersection and, upon noticing the traffic infraction, slowed down his patrol vehicle in order to get behind the grey truck. However, the truck driver immediately slowed down as well, thwarting the officer from getting behind the truck. Once the cop managed to get behind the truck, the driver abruptly turned into the right-hand turn bay leading to the entrance of the Florida Turnpike. At this point, the cop activated his lights to conduct a traffic stop. The truck suddenly stopped at a sharp angle, and the driver swung his door open and rapidly began approaching the driver’s side of the officer’s patrol vehicle. 

Upon noticing the driver’s approach, the cop parked and stepped out to confront the white male driver, who was visibly agitated and gave off aggressive body language. The male driver demanded to know why the cop was following him. In response, the cop told the man to stop, but the truck driver continued rushing forward with his arms up in the air. The cop repeated his command, and the driver quit walking, still demanding to know why the cop was stopping him. When informed he was being detained for a traffic infraction and should return to his truck until the cop came to get his information, the driver obeyed. However, moments later, as the cop approached the truck from the passenger’s side, the truck driver fled the scene, despite the officer’s commands to stop. The officer did not pursue the vehicle. The driver will be mailed three citations


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