A Winter Garden man called the police on the police, and an intoxicated driver spent more than $200 on beer.

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  • | 11:01 a.m. February 27, 2017
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Feb. 19, 164 block of Windtree Lane:  Officers responded to a noise complaint at 9:30 p.m., and repeatedly knocked on the apartment door to which the complainant referred. However, the male occupant vehemently refused to allow officers to gain entrance. After an "extended amount of time" communicating with the uncooperative male through a window and multiple attempts to gain entry to without success, the male occupant’s girlfriend tried coming to the door but was thwarted by her boyfriend. Police then began a countdown before kicking down the door. At the count of two, the girlfriend exited the home. From the apartment balcony, the male occupant threatened to “call the police on the police,” and eventually called 911 dispatchers while his girlfriend was being interviewed by the officers. It was later discovered the source of the noise was a nonviolent domestic dispute. 

Feb. 19, State Road 429 and Daniels Road:  Around 3 a.m., an officer on traffic patrol observed a red Chevy pickup truck swerving in and out of its lane, nearly causing a collision with another vehicle. He attempted to stop the truck and succeeded after about a mile. Upon approach, the patrol officer immediately noticed the scent of alcohol, along with a Modelo beer can inside the driver’s truck. The driver exhibited telltale signs of impairment, causing the officer to conduct a sobriety test, which the driver failed, despite scoring himself as a solid zero on a scale of one to 10 – 10 being the most intoxicated. The driver was arrested. A search of his truck produced three Walmart receipts with several types of beer purchases dated Feb. 18 totaling $251.60. The driver provided two breath samples at a DUI testing center with levels of 0.152 and 0.156.


Feb. 20, 11029 block of W. Colonial Drive: Around 9 p.m., the driver of a Honda accord crashed with a Toyota Corolla turning left that ran a stop sign in a parking lot. The Toyota, which collided with the driver’s side of the Honda accord’s front bumper, rapidly fled the scene. Seven minutes later, the Toyota Corolla driver pulled up on a residential driveway to inspect his vehicle’s damage. A witness, who had observed the occurrence from his porch, called the police to report the suspicious incident. Responding officers questioned the driver of the Toyota Corolla, who claimed he was just waiting for a ride. The driver said a vehicle had cut him off and crashed into his car. He claimed he left the scene because he had financial problems. Given the driver’s visible signs of intoxication, officers had the driver perform field sobriety exercises. The driver failed to perform them correctly and was transported to a DUI testing center.


Feb. 20, West Colonial Drive: At 6:20 a.m., an off-duty Winter Garden police officer witnessed a driver coming off of 4th Street onto West Colonial Drive display a driving pattern indicative of impairment. The off-duty officer conducted a traffic stop and waited for an Oakland officer to respond to the scene. An Oakland officer arrived and ordered the driver to exit the vehicle. The driver did not comply, despite being told to exit three times. When he finally did exit his car, the officer caught the scent of “alcoholic impurities.” He noticed the male driver’s struggle to maintain his balance as well as the smell of urine. The officer then realized the driver had urinated himself and had the driver perform field sobriety exercises. The driver admitted he had one to two beers and, during the exercises, repeatedly said, “Come on, don’t arrest me.” The driver was arrested, despite physically resisting. After being transported to a DUI testing center, the driver provided two breath sample readings of 0.390 and 0.381.


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