Ocoee High student arrested after alleged machete attack

School officials say the unnamed student hid the large knife outdoors before bringing it into the school and striking another student with it.

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  • | 1:48 p.m. February 28, 2017
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OCOEE  An Ocoee High School student was arrested after hiding a machete outside the school building with plans to attack another student, Orange County Public Schools officials said.

Parents of Ocoee High students received a ConnectORANGE phone call from the school Monday, Feb. 27, regarding the incident, which took place Thursday, Feb. 23.

According to OCPS, an unnamed student approached another student in a boys’ bathroom, wielding a large, machete-like knife. The first student swung at the second student with it, striking him superficially, a medical assessment noted.

OCPS officials said that the first student allegedly hid the machete or knife in an outdoor, grassy area around one of the school buildings. He then brought it into the bathroom during seventh period before beginning to carry out the attack.

The first student was promptly arrested, and the knife was confiscated.

In the call to parents Monday, Ocoee High Principal Laura Beusse said that it was an isolated incident between two students and there was no school-wide safety concern.

“The incident was handled immediately by school administrators and the appropriate disciplinary actions were taken,” Beusse said during the call. “The school takes these matters very seriously. Please know that safety is a top priority for all students and staff on campus at all times.” 

Ocoee High officials said the incident was dealt with immediately and has been fully investigated by the school and turned over to law enforcement to continue the investigation. 

OCPS said that the call was sent out Monday because it was an isolated incident involving only two students and there was no school-wide safety concern.


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