Windermere park vandalism goes too far, says resident

A pier at Lake Street Park has been seeing some vandalism which has upset some residents.

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  • | 6:31 p.m. January 19, 2017
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A pier in Windermere's Lake Street Park has become an ersatz art canvas to express political leanings.

But the vandalism of a public park some locals use to relax and unwind is not quite appreciated.

‘Hilary for Prison,’ reads some graffiti on the bench.  Another location has written ‘Trump is God.’  The onslaught of political vitriol and graffiti adorning the pier's roof and support beams conjures the thought of a high school bathroom stall.

The graffiti might offend the sensitivities of some park visitors who prefer to use the pier for yoga or meditation, such  as four-year Windermere resident Lexie Borhi, who was appalled by the most recent addition.

“That offended me. And then on the other side, I think it said ‘Trump is God’ or something like that, and I was like this is ridiculous,” said Borhi, who frequents the park to walk her dog and meditate. “That type of hatred shouldn’t be seen anywhere. … I don’t want to see that sort of thing here. I came out here to live in a very clean and wholesome environment. I don’t want to be subjected to that sort of vandalism, graffiti, the littering and the other things that go on around here.”

She first noticed the handwritten scribbles about nine months ago and didn’t think much of it as it was mostly handprints and sweethearts memorializing their romance. 

However, recent months has brought forth more distasteful messages, which she speculated might stem from political discussions kids hear in the home. 

“It shouldn’t be … exploited like that. And I mean, even if the information weren’t political… it’s just hatred. Whether it’s politics, or sexual orientation or even just picking on someone vocally; it’s not something anyone should be subjected to in such a quiet and peaceful community.”

Borhi said she has contacted the Windermere Police Chief to ask for more patrols during the day and have public works get the pier cleaned up.


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