COPS CORNER 01.23.17

One man absolutely refused to share his insurance information after a car crash, and an Uber driver ran into some trouble with a violent passenger.

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  • | 1:50 p.m. January 24, 2017
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Jan. 6, 1240 block of Winter Garden Vineland Road: A driver rear-ended another car in the middle of traffic. Both drivers exited the car to survey the damage and exchange insurance information. The driver who rear-ended the vehicle in front of his car repeatedly insisted on paying for the damage in cash and did not like the idea of exchanging insurance information. The second driver did not approve of this suggestion and insisted on getting his insurance information. The driver at fault then stated, "Well, that's just not going to work!" He then returned to his vehicle to flee the scene, but the second driver took multiple photos of his car and face as he left and reported the incident to Winter Garden police who found the at-fault driver and arrested him for leaving the scene of a crash with property damage.


Jan. 8, 2281 block of Ocoee-Apopka Road: An Uber driver picked up a particularly violent female passenger who wanted to go to McDonalds. The Uber driver took her there, but received several punches and kicks in the process from the highly intoxicated female passenger. The upset passenger also asked the male driver if she could smoke in his car, but he said no. She asked for a kiss, which the driver rejected. The passenger then began to pull the driver's hair and struck him across the face multiple times from the backseat. She then climbed her way to the front seat and began kicking him repeatedly, cracking the screen of the driver's phone and breaking the car key while it was inside the ignition.  She also poured a bottle of liquor all over the car's backseat. The driver eventually pulled over to get help from the police. The total estimated damage was $600. In the aftermath, the passenger told the arresting police officer she was upset because her girlfriend had broken up with her. The officer arrested the female passenger for battery and criminal mischief.


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