One woman attempted to sneak off with more than $200 worth of clothing, and a driver tried discarding a bag of cannabis that nearly hit a police officer's vehicle.

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June 9, 3386 block of Daniels Road. Around 6 p.m., an officer responded to a department store in reference to a possible shoplifting. Upon arrival, the officer was informed by Loss-Prevention employees that a woman had been caught trying to steal 24 items of clothing worth a total of $262. The woman allegedly selected the clothing, went into the fitting room and then exited the fitting room with less clothing than she had originally had. According to a store employee, the fitting room she had occupied contained numerous empty hangers. The store employee then watched the shoplifting suspect pay $5.60 for one item and exit the store. Another employee stopped the woman and found stolen items inside her purse and on her person. The woman admitted to the theft.

June 6, North West Crown Point Road. Around 10:30 a.m., an officer responded to the West Orange Trail mile marker 72 in reference to a call about a man down. The officer, upon arrival, found a man lying down on a bench, sleeping. The officer woke up the sleeping man and asked if he was OK, which the man confirmed, added he was just homeless and sleeping on the bench to rest. The officer asked the man for his name to check his record through dispatch, which informed the officer that the man had an active arrest warrant out of Volusia County and was a convicted felon. The man was searched, and the officer found a five-inch-long blade hunting knife concealed in the man’s waistband. The man was arrested.


June 8, West Colonial Drive. Around 3 a.m., an officer on patrol received notice of a reckless male driver who was speeding in a red-colored BMW. As soon as the officer received the call, the officer heard a vehicle speeding eastbound on Colonial Drive. The vehicle, which matched the description of the caller, turned into a BP gas station. The officer followed and located the driver, who had no T-shirt on and wore unbuttoned, partially unzipped pants. Standing near the driver, the officer immediately detected the odor of alcohol and asked him where was coming from. The driver declined to answer, stating “I plead the fifth.” The officer then asked the driver to submit to a field sobriety exercise test, to which the man agreed. The man did not perform the exercises correctly, and he was transported to a DUI testing facility, where he refused to take a breath test.

June 10, 10500 block of West Colonial Drive. An officer responded to a call about a retail theft. The officer was informed by a Loss-Prevention employee that a man was seen selecting a T-shirt in the men’s department and putting it on. The suspect then selected more shirts and a pair of shorts and headed to the self-checkout registers. He first used a tag from a lesser-valued pair of shorts to scan higher-priced shorts. He never scanned the shirt he previously put on. The suspect then paid for the two shirts and shorts using the incorrect price tags and exited the store. Prior to his arrest, the man cried and grew hysterical while repeating “I can't believe this is happening" multiple times. The total amount of the recovered merchandise was $25.46.


June 8, Isleworth Country Club Drive. At approximately 12:20 p.m., an officer observed a vehicle traveling at 56 mph in a 30-mph speed zone. After the officer pulled in behind the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle slowed down to 31 mph. A clear plastic bag was then seen flying out of the passenger window, which nearly struck the officer’s patrol car. A second officer retrieved the discarded bag and a traffic stop was conducted in front of the Windermere Police Department. The driver advised he had no license and was simply driving because his passenger was pregnant. When presented with the bag containing seven grams of cannabis, the man immediately stated it was his before the officer was able to ask a question. The driver was arrested.


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