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One Winter Garden man fled a supermarket with red meat concealed under his shirt and an Ocoee driver crashed into a mailbox before fleeing and getting stuck in a ditch.

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  • | 9:46 a.m. May 15, 2017
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April 26, 624 block of South Dillard Street. Officers responded to a supermarket after reports of a possible shoplifting. A witness informed they saw a male suspect running fast through the parking lot with packs of meat falling out from underneath his shirt while supermarket employees chased after him. The witness then followed the black Ford the suspect quickly entered, and followed it while providing the direction of travel to police. Officers who conducted a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle immediately noticed three packages of meat situated between two child car seats in the backseat. The price tags of the meat were labeled Bravo and totaled $63.75. The suspected thief had a prior theft conviction and was arrested.

April 30, 13698 block of West Colonial Drive. While on patrol around 3 a.m., an officer noticed a car filled with countless cases of beer and miscellaneous items thrown into the bed of the truck. The officer found it odd and conducted a traffic stop. The driver informed the officer he worked for a delivery company and his boss sent him out on a job assignment. The vehicle passenger stated he was helping the driver by accompanying him. The officer noticed the driver was very nervous during the interrogation and learned from dispatch that he had an active warrant out of Orange County for nonpayment of child support and was a habitual traffic violator. The passenger said the car was filled with beer and alcohol after the driver stopped by a convenience store. The driver declined to comment on the situation, only wanting to speak about his suspended license. The officer found a backpack on the passenger floorboard containing a pair of bolt cutters, a black ski mask with a mouth hole, a pipe containing meth residue and a jacket. A backup officer found a container in the center console containing hash. Both vehicle occupants were charged with possession of burglary tools and placed under arrest.


April 24, East Silver Star Road. Around midnight, an officer conducted a traffic stop on a car because its tag light was out. After being provided with the driver’s information, the officer asked if there were any guns, drugs or knives in the car. The driver advised there was not, but the officer noticed a small pocket knife in the driver’s pocket. The driver also displayed a sluggish demeanor. The officer requested a backup K-9 unit. The vehicle was thoroughly searched and officers discovered two large knives in the front passenger door of the vehicle, a heroin encased within a small bunched up piece of paper, a gun underneath the passenger seat that dispatch advised was stolen from Jacksonville, a 50-round box of .25 caliber ammunition, various needles and a backpack in the trunk containing more drug paraphernalia. The driver claimed he was unaware that a gun and drugs were located in the vehicle but that the backpack in the trunk was his. The passenger claimed the driver handed him the gun and told him to put it underneath the passenger seat. Both occupants were arrested.

April 26, 1102 block of Wurst Road. An Ocoee officer was responding to a call about a hit and run involving a damage of a mailbox when he received another call about a second crash nearby where a vehicle had run off the roadway and got stuck in a ditch. He diverted his attention to the second crash. The driver was still located within the vehicle but was uninjured. Upon being removed from the vehicle and questioned, the male driver was unable to answer without slurring his speech. The driver’s severely slurred speech caused the officer to be uncertain of what the driver attempted to say. An officer who responded to the hit and run call then arrived, in possession of debris located at the scene where a mailbox was hit. The pieces matched the missing parts of the driver’s vehicle. After performing sobriety exercises poorly, the driver was placed under arrest.


April 27, Conroy Windermere Road. Around 4 a.m., an officer observed a vehicle speeding 52 mph and repeatedly swerving within its lane. The officer conducted a traffic stop and, while speaking with the male driver, the officer detected the smell of alcohol and noticed the driver had watery eyes. When asked if he had anything to drink, the driver replied he had “one margaritas.” The driver agreed to perform a sobriety exercise test but struggled to follow the instructions properly. The driver was arrested and charged with a DUI after providing breath samples that resulted in readings of 0.154 and 0.160.

April 30, Main Street. At 3:41 a.m., a law-enforcement officer witnessed a vehicle traveling at 68 mph in a 30-mph speed zone. The vehicle also swerved side to side, overpassing the double yellow line and fog lines multiple times. The officer pulled behind the vehicle and the vehicle slowed down to 22 mph but suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. The officer instructed the driver to take the next right to pull into the nearby Medical Plaza’s parking lot three times until the driver obeyed. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer noticed the male driver was chewing gum and instructed him to take it out. The driver complied but then placed it back in, sparking laughter from the passenger. The officer requested the driver’s information, but the driver fumbled around and advised he could not locate his phone or wallet. When questioned, the driver stated they were coming from a bar downtown and had “not many” drinks. The officer asked again, and the driver stated he had vodka straight, and two other drinks. The driver was finally able to provide a driver’s license which stated he lived in Miami. The officer asked if the address was correct. The driver replied, yes, he lived in Orlando. The officer noticed the driver’s zipper was undone and asked him to exit the vehicle to perform field sobriety exercises. The driver complied but exhibited signs of intoxication and was arrested. Later, at a DUI center, the driver provided breath samples with alcohol level readings of 0.200 and 0.198.


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