COPS CORNER 11.07.17

One man grew violent after a woman rejected his romantic advances at a bar and another entered a stranger's home to grab some spinach.

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  • | 11:55 a.m. November 28, 2017
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Nov. 5, 146 W. Plant Street: At around 1:47 a.m., Winter Garden police dispatched an officer to a local downtown bar to investigate reports of a fight. The officer arrived and spoke with two individuals, one of which stated a man touched her thigh and placed his hands on her neck without her consent. The man, she said, also asked her to go out with him so he could “get to know her better.” Following this interaction, the woman reported the unwanted physical contact to the bouncer. The bouncer then requested the man leave the woman alone, but the man allegedly grew belligerent before leaving the bar. The man then returned shortly after, brandishing a knife in a violent display toward the bouncer. The bouncer attempted to escort the knife-wielding man outside of the bar, during which he received a small laceration on his head. The man, who was charged with carrying a weapon as a convicted felon, was later located, arrested and trespassed from the bar. 


Nov. 4, 200 block of North Bluford Avenue: At approximately 9:50 p.m., a homeowner flagged down an officer to report a burglary. The homeowner informed the officer that around 8:55 p.m., he was located in his bedroom and heard a noise coming from his kitchen. When the homeowner investigated the noise, he found an unknown man standing by his open refrigerator door holding a bag of spinach. The homeowner confronted the man holding his spinach and asked he was but the man did not answer. The homeowner then escorted the man outside his home. Nothing was taken from the residence, and the homeowner believes the man entered via the backyard because the rear door was unlocked. During questioning, the man, who had urinated on himself at some point, told the police officer he had consumed three beers with friends at the Ocoee Founder’s Day Festival. The man was placed under arrest and charged with burglary.

Nov. 1, 1800 block of East Silver Star Road. At midnight, an officer on routine patrol spotted a man walking in the middle of a roadway. The officer confronted the man, who told the officer he was walking home from a party in Pine Hills but would appreciate a ride home. The officer asked the man for his identification card, but the man did not have it in his possession. The officer told him he could give him a ride, but he would have to pat him down for weapons. The man told the officer he had drug paraphernalia in his pockets and a small pouch containing heroin. The officer patted him down and found the heroin and paraphernalia. The man was arrested and charged with heroin possession.


Nov. 9, Conroy Windermere Road: At about 10:40 p.m., an officer conducting speed enforcement spotted a car traveling 40 miles an hour in a 30-mph speed zone. The officer started trailing the car and immediately detected the odor of cannabis. The officer pulled the car over and asked the driver where the cannabis was, but the male driver stated he had already smoked it all and none remained in his vehicle. The driver then stated there was a weapon in the vehicle but he had a weapons permit, which checked out to be valid. Dispatch informed the officer the driver had an out-of-county warrant for failure to appear in court following a charge of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. The driver was arrested.



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