Actress Suzanna Leigh battling stage 4 liver cancer

Suzanna Leigh, best known for her films in the 1960s and 1970s, including a starring role opposite Elvis Presley, is fighting for her life after a stage 4 liver cancer diagnosis.

Suzanna Leigh has been battling stage 4 liver cancer for the last year.
Suzanna Leigh has been battling stage 4 liver cancer for the last year.
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It has been a year since her diagnosis of stage 4 liver cancer, but Winter Garden resident Suzanna Leigh is proving her resilience and positive attitude in this serious health battle.

The British film star, Hollywood actress and author was given six months to live, but she is still very much in this fight. Her daughter, Natalia Leigh, has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for her mother's treatments, many of which are not covered by her insurance.

So far, more than $9,500 of the $45,000 goal has been donated.

Natalia has kept friends updated on her mother's condition via GoFundMe. She also has put up her wedding dress for sale and has auctioned off a painting her mother created in an attempt to bring in more funds.

Leigh is a client at Celebrity Medical Center in Winter Garden and is responding well to treatments. She has had a series of setbacks, including an inflamed spleen, increased heart rate, internal bleeding, pneumonia and fevers, but she recovers each time and continues her treatment for cancer.

Fighting stage 4 cancer has meant enduring chemotherapy and injections; taking all-natural cancer-fighting pills, drinking lemon juice with turmeric and having an evening coffee enema; taking part in Chinese acupuncture; and sitting through intravenous drug sessions.

Because she has chosen a natural therapy to fight her cancer, Leigh’s insurance does not cover the treatments, Natalia said.

In August, doctors told Leigh her cancer had gone from stage 4 to stage 2. She is still enduring pain from the softball-size tumor pressing on her abdomen.

Leigh and her daughter are researching options for the next phase of the treatment.


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