Sports Spotlight - Windermere Observer: Reef Ide

Home-schooled student Reef Ide is a standout swimmer for Windermere High

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  • | 2:43 p.m. October 10, 2017
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Swimming is life for Reef Ide. Having participated in competitive swimming since he was 8, Ide currently trains with Steve Lochte in Daytona Beach to help get his skills to the next level. And his skills in the pool are already making him a standout swimmer with the Windermere High swim team.

Why do you love swimming?

I love winning. It kind of became an obsession. There’s always another fish in the pond to keep you building and building and building until your competition isn’t even in the state. It’s the feeling of everything paying off.

How do you feel about your team at Windermere High?

The team is great. We have a good coach. We’re still working on our cheer, but there’s camaraderie.

What is your best race?

200 freestyle. It’s the perfect race, right between a sprint and strategy.

How do you get ready for a meet?

The trick is no pressure. So win or lose, no pressure in how you do. In the race it’s all about the moment - who’s next to you and pushing it.

How do you know when you’ve had a great race?

After the first 25 (meters), everything hurts. But you get these races that after the flip turn, you’re like, ‘I feel great. I could go forever.’ That’s when you have a good race.

What is it like training with Steve Lochte?

Sometimes it’s really hard. But through all the pain you put yourself through, it pays itself off in the meets.

How do you balance school and swimming in Daytona and at Windermere High?

It’s a laptop in the car. You just juggle it. School is important, so you have to get it done no matter what.

Do you have any swimming goals for this year?

I want to get every record on the team. It’s a brand-new team, so it’s all up for grabs. The 100 fly is the only one I have left.


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