A couple used a young child to conceal stolen merchandise and a man tried stuffing $56 worth of beef in his pants.

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  • | 4:41 p.m. September 4, 2017
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August 17, 13207 block of West Colonial Drive. An officer dispatched to a bank was informed that a woman had entered the drive-thru and presented an ID, debit card and personal check for $1,235 that she wanted to deposit in another account. When the bank teller looked up the account, they noticed a fraud alert. The teller then requested to confirm the customer’s identity via security questions. The customer was unable to answer any of the questions. The customer then left the area but police apprehended the woman using the teller’s description of the car and the woman. Detectives later discovered the debit card and ID had been reported stolen in January and the check had been stolen in a recent burglary. The woman was charged with grand theft in the third degree, fraudulent use of personal identification, uttering a forged check and Florida communications fraud.

August 9, 421 block of Cobblestone Pointe Drive. A woman showed up to the police department to report a suspected theft. The woman, who had a large amount of cash in a jar in her living room, believed that her babysitter may have stolen some of the cash in May while she was on vacation. The woman claimed when she counted it before leaving, it had a minimum of $1,200. She’d since added a lot of money after having returned from vacation, but noticed there was only $1,000 the last time she counted it. The woman suspected her babysitter but did not file a report given the lack of evidence. After media visited her home regarding the arrest of her babysitter for an unrelated charge, her young daughter informed her she’d seen the babysitter taking money out of the jar twice. The babysitter was charged with grand theft in the third degree. 

August 4, 3391 block of Daniels Road. A law-enforcement officer responded to a home improvement store regarding a shoplifting involving three adults traveling with a young child. The officer was informed by a Loss Prevention Officer that they’d seen one of the female suspects trying to remove an anti-theft device from the packaging of a multi-use knife. A second female suspect was observed placing various tools into one of the orange reusable shopping bags in her cart next to a third male suspect. The two suspects then went to another aisle, and the LPO overheard the couple instructing the young child in the shopping cart to sit on top of the bags. The couple then attempted to exit the store after purchasing two items but were stopped by the LPO. The grand total of all of the items concealed in the shopping bags amounted to $762.60. 


August 9, 1720 block of East Silver Star Road. A man walked into a supermarket and was seen looking around nervously. The man then walked to the meats section of the store and selected three packs of filet mignon, concealing them in his pants. The man then walked out of the store with concealed meat in his pants but was approached by an officer and asked to return to the store. The merchandise was recovered from his pants, and the man stated he did not have enough money to purchase the filet mignon, which totaled $54.17. However, $80 in cash was found in his wallet. The man was charged with petit retail theft.

August 16, 10500 block of West Colonial Drive. A police officer responded to a department store in reference to a retail theft in progress. The caller informed a man was trying to use a knife to cut open a package inside the store. The suspect then exited the store and fled in a white Chevrolet malibu. The officer saw the vehicle and followed it to make a traffic stop. The item reported stolen – a multi-tool hatchet worth $14.97 – was seen in the back of the car. When the driver was asked if he knew why he was being arrested, the driver jerked his head in the direction of the hatchet and said, "that." The suspect was charged with petit retail theft.


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