Tutto Caffe opening in Baldwin Park

Looking for a perfect cup of Joe? Tutto Caffe is opening for business on New Broad Street.

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  • | 10:31 p.m. February 2, 2018
Tutto Caffe owner and CEO Tony Frith hopes to give Baldwin Park residents a place where they can enjoy high-quality coffee.
Tutto Caffe owner and CEO Tony Frith hopes to give Baldwin Park residents a place where they can enjoy high-quality coffee.
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Whether it’s the taste or how it’s the perfect way to start your day, there’s plenty of reasons to reach for that cup of coffee. Whatever that reason is for you, the ownership behind Baldwin Park’s new cafe has you covered.

Tutto Caffe is opening its doors to patrons at 4833 New Broad St., giving the Village Center a place to meet friends, employees and family for a cup of roasted goodness. 

The name of the cafe literally translates to “everything coffee” in Italian, and that’s exactly what’s behind the counter at Tutto, owner and CEO Tony Frith says.

“What we decided was that coffee would really be the focus,” Frith says. “We can make every type of coffee. We have the regular drip coffee, the pour over coffee, espresso coffee, nitro coffee, cold brew coffee. … We can do everything.”

The new cafe will feature coffee from around the globe — everything from Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to Kona Hawaiian coffee. 

Tutto even has some interesting ways to personalize your coffee with a machine called a Ripple Maker, which draws pictures and writes words in the foam sitting on top of your coffee. Whether it’s an emoji, a company’s name or a heart for Valentine’s Day, it’s all drinkable coffee art, Frith says.

“Somebody could propose on there if they wanted,” Frith says. “It’s just something different. Some of the cafes in London do it, but they’re charging two pounds just to print it, where as we just do that (for free).”

But that doesn’t mean the baristas at Tutto don’t know how to pour their own latte art, Frith says. The cafe hopes to set itself apart with an attention to detail in every aspect — from the case of the coffee to the freshness of ingredients used in their food items. Patrons can expect an array of panini sandwiches, salads, pastries, bagels and gelato.

“We’re not buying packaged sandwiches and stuff like that — all the sandwiches are made fresh,” Frith says. “All the meats and cheeses are high end; there’s no manufactured processed stuff. We’ve gone for top-of-the-line on everything.”

Frith has a background of 18 years in the restaurant business, overseeing more than 100 pubs, restaurants and cafes in the U.K.

Originally from London, Frith lived in Kissimmee while on vacation since 2005 but permanently moved to the area two years ago with the intention of starting his coffee shop.

If there’s something he’s noticed in the industry recently, it’s that coffee stops are becoming more popular — back home in the U.K. and in the States.

“The coffee industry has always interested me,” Frith says. “A sort of coffee explosion has happened in the U.K. over the last few years. I’ve seen that grow, and I’ve seen what that’s brought.

“Now there’s a market for sort of European-style coffee shops,” he says. “People like to relax in coffee shops now. It’s sort of taken a lot over from pubs. … A lot of the pubs closed down, but there are more coffee shop now than there ever were.”

Looking for a place in the Orlando area to start a coffee concept, Frith says Baldwin Park made perfect sense.

“My Realtor pushed me in the direction of Baldwin Park, which I really liked because it’s a sort of unique area,” Frith says. “It’s a community. I didn’t want to be on a busy intersection with a million cars going past, because I don’t consider that you can do good coffee at a drive through.”

Frith says there are already two more locations in the works, with one set for the Stonehill Plaza in Oviedo and another at Nona Park in Lake Nona. Those coffee havens are set to open in the next four to six months, Frith says.



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