Sports Spotlight - Windermere Observer: Madison Workman

Windermere Prep freshman guard Madison Workman scores a career-best 23 points in SSAC Tournament win.

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  • | 1:45 a.m. January 25, 2018
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After a rough campaign in 2016-17, the Windermere Prep girls basketball team (8-8) is enjoying significant improvement so far this winter. Freshman guard Madison Workman has done her part as a catalyst in the team’s turnaround as the Lakers’ starting point guard. In the opening round of the SSAC Girls Basketball Tournament Jan. 13, Workman — who normally averages about 6 points per game — scored a career-best 23 points in a victory against Bell Creek.

What was going well for you in the game where you scored 23 points?

Everyone scored a lot, and we all got really motivated — we all scored a lot.


What has changed that has led to the team’s improvement this year?

We didn’t lose any people from last year — we didn’t have any seniors — so we all have chemistry. We have a bunch of new players, too.


Of which win so far are you most proud?

I think the game we played against All-Saints Academy (a 38-17 victory in the SSAC Tournament). We did really (well), and they were a higher seed than us.


What stands out when the team is playing well?

I think recently, we’ve been playing well on defense, getting in our shifts in our zone (defense). … We get rebounds, and we shoot a lot. It’s kind of well-rounded.


What element of the game do you enjoy the most?

I like fast-breaks and getting easy lay-ups. I like to push the ball.


What position do you play for the softball team?

I play everything — I’ll play pitcher, catcher, shortstop. I’ll play basically anywhere.


What’s your favorite class?

Probably art, because I like the teacher (Andy Beauchamp). 


What do you like about attending Windermere Prep?

The teachers are good at teaching, and I can understand what they’re talking about. They’re thorough.


If you could play a basketball game at any gym or arena in the world, where would you most want to play?

Probably Madison Square Garden, because it has my name in it, and it’s really big.


What do you enjoy about playing for coach Emmalee Schill?

She sees the positives of the situation and she sees what we’re doing wrong and tries to fix it.


Is there anything coach Schill has been working on this season with you in particular?

She’s working on getting me to drive more and shoot more. Instead of passing it, to find a better open shot.


Do you have a favorite sport to support at Windermere Prep?

I go to all of them, but I mainly go to soccer because my brother (Jared Workman) plays, and it’s fun seeing him play.


You have a twin sister, Meredith, and a brother, Jared, and you all play sports for Windermere Prep. Are the three of you competitive with one another?

Meredith and I play softball together, and we like to see who can do better. With my brother, he used to play basketball, so sometimes we’ll play one-on-one.


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