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Alex Martinez plays for the Ocoee Little League Braves.

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  • | 4:52 p.m. June 20, 2018
Alex Martinez is a hard hitter at bat.
Alex Martinez is a hard hitter at bat.
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Alex Martinez plays for the Ocoee Little League Braves. He is a hard hitter at bat and notched his first home run in April 2017. Since then, he’s hit a total of 18 home runs in games. Martinez not only hits it out of the park on the field but also in the classroom. He frequently makes the honor roll and brings home A’s and B’s on his report cards. He’ll be playing at the Cal Ripkin Baseball Experience in July at Myrtle Beach.

How did you get started in baseball?

I think it was really (because) my dad showed me baseball, and I got really interested and into it, and I wanted to play.

How old were you when you started?


Did your dad play baseball or any other sport?

(Yes but) he mostly played basketball, actually. 

Do you have any siblings? Do they play baseball? 

(I have) my little brother Angel, and I have an older brother, Alijian. Yes (they play).

Why do you like playing baseball?

Because it’s fun, and no game is ever going to be that similar to other ones. It’s fun to hang out with your friends and just play.

Which do you prefer — pitching, fielding or hitting?

Fielding because … it’s fun to get out and make nice plays and interacting with your teammates making creative plays. 

What is some good baseball advice that you’ve received? 

Stay focused and try your hardest.

Who is your favorite baseball player? 

Kris Bryant.

What is your favorite baseball team?

The Chicago Cubs.

If you could play a game of baseball on any baseball field in the country, which would you choose?

Wrigley Field.

What is your favorite baseball memory so far? How old were you? How did you feel in that moment?

(It was) the first time I’ve ever hit a home run. I think I was 11. I felt like I’ve finally done my job to where I could actually hit it (the ball) over the fence.

Besides baseball, what do you like to do with your free time?

Sometimes I play video games.

What’s your favorite video game right now?


What is a good movie that you’ve seen recently?

“Avengers: Infinity War.”

Without any spoilers, what did you think about the ending?

I did not like the ending at all. 


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