Sports Spotlight - Windermere Observer: Hannah Douglas

Olympia High freshman sprinter Hannah Douglas placed third in the state in the 100-meter dash.

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  • | 4:46 p.m. May 16, 2018
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Olympia High freshman sprinter Hannah Douglas made quite a first impression at the 2018 FHSAA Track & Field Championships in Jacksonville May 4-5, placing third in the state in the 100-meter dash in Class 4A. Douglas ran an 00:11.90 in the finals, finishing behind two runners from St. Thomas Aquinas. Douglas also placed seventh in the 200-meter dash.


What was it like going to the state meet as a freshman?

It was a great opportunity. A lot of freshman don’t make there, so I was happy to one of those who did make it there.


How did you go about preparing for state?

My coaches told me to eat healthy and to practice harder the next few practices. I would visualize my races as I went to sleep and throughout the day.


What is your routine before each race?

I usually warm up an hour before for a good 30 minutes, and I stretch for the last couple of minutes. Before I run, I also listen to music.


What did you takeaway from competing at state?

It motivated me a lot. My next few years and my next seasons, I want to progress more and more.


What do you like about the sport?

I enjoy the people. I like socializing with people and making new friends. Practices are horrible, but I also love it.


What it is like to run in a big race?

Nervousness builds up in you, and then when you hear the starting gun, you’re just free, and you don’t think about it anymore. When you win, it’s just happiness.


Where is an area that you are looking to improve?

My start is one of the major areas that I need to work on.


Do you have any runners, collegiate or professional, whom you admire?

A professional runner I look up to is Allyson Felix. I’ve been looking up to her since the Beijing Olympics. And then there is Domonique Turner, who goes to University of Tennessee. I’ve known her since I was 7, and I’ve been looking up to her for a while.


What has been your favorite class this year at Olympia?

My journalism class, my second period, taught by Mr. (Michael) Cacciatore. I like designing stuff and figuring out new ways to do stuff on the computer, and he has helped me a lot with that. We worked on the yearbook and newspaper designs throughout the school year.


What would like to study in college?

I want to do sports medicine. I’ve always thought that would be a cool thing to learn about, (because) I love sports and I like learning new things.


What are you looking forward to the most about summer?

I’ll be hanging out with my family more often, on my mom’s side — my grandma’s birthday is over summer, so we’ll be going up there (to Gary, Indiana) to visit her.


Seen any good movies lately?

I liked “Avengers: Infinity War.” I just love the Avengers — my mom, my dad and my sisters, especially, helped me learn all the characters. The ending got me mad, though.


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