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When the Windermere Prep multi-sport athlete isn't out on the football field or baseball diamond, Russell enjoys playing on the piano or hanging out with friends.

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  • | 11:15 a.m. November 14, 2018
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A two-sport athlete at Windermere Prep, Mason Russell just finished his final year of football for the Lakers, but he isn’t done winning games. As he takes some time to hit the books and play about on the piano this offseason, the senior will look to take the baseball field as an outfielder for the school’s baseball team.


What has been your favorite thing about playing football at Windermere Prep?

It’s always been such a brotherhood. I’ve been blessed with all the brothers, coaches and mentors throughout the years — all the way back to sixth grade. They really shaped me and allowed me to do all that I do now.


When did you first get into football, and what got you into it?

I started playing flag football when I was — I don’t even remember — probably 6 or 7. It’s been  part of me since before I can remember. I love it.


Is there one — or more — highlight moment(s) for you that really stands out?

Every day here is a highlight. I get to be with the people that I love, doing the things I love.


Have you always played at the linebacker position?

I’ve always been a linebacker. I love linebacker — coming down and thumping people.


What’s some of the best advice that coach Jacob Doss has given you?

It’s always family — everything is about family. Play for family — the brothers to your left and right — you have to play for them. I live by that.


What’s the biggest challenge when it comes to playing football?

There hasn’t really been a challenge. I haven’t been injured too much — I mean, I have gone at it every day, loving it. And never really burned out. There’s no challenge when you love the sport so much.


How do you prepare for a game?

I don’t really have too many ceremonies. I’m just in there with my brothers, just having some fun and laughing it up, because I know any game could be my last. I just keep it simple and play football.


Now that football is over, what do you do next?

Plans are to focus on academics and prepare for baseball season as well. I take it one day at a time — that’s how I go. I just make sure I do everything that I can, the best that I can and keep on moving.


When you get free time, what do you enjoy doing?

I like playing the piano whenever I get some free time. I’m obviously not the best — I like to think I’m decent — but it’s just kind of a contrasting thing from hitting people or hitting the baseball. It’s a lot of fun.



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