Ocoee leaders clarify donation-bin regulations

City leaders amended city code to create a definition for the terms ‘collection bin’ or ‘collection trailer.’

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  • | 3:36 p.m. October 10, 2018
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Ocoee commissioners voted unanimously Oct. 2 to amend the city’s land-development code to create a definition

for the terms “collection bin” and “collection trailer.”

City Planner Mike Rumer said the ordinance adds clarification and terminology to the land-development code pertaining to donation collection bins and trailers. 

“We’re adding the definition into our land-development code so then we can add the term collection bin and collection trailer into the existing section of our land-development code where we talk about temporary storage facilities (and) Dumpsters,” Rumer said.

Rumer said the locations of donation-collection bins are currently regulated under the city’s land-development code. Donation-collection bins must be located within a fully screened masonry enclosure — similar to a Dumpster enclosure — away from the view of adjacent roads or parking areas. 

“They can’t just set (donation-collection bins) out in a parking lot for everyone to see,” Rumer said. “They’ve got to be shielded on three sides in a nice area that’s not adjacent to a road, drive aisle or parking lot.” 

City leaders also presented the first reading of an ordinance that annexes and rezones a 2.59-acre property located on the south side of Fullers Cross Road, west of the intersection of Fullers Cross Road and North Lakewood Avenue. The ordinance proposed annexing the property into the city and rezone it from Orange County A-1 to city of Ocoee A-1 “Agricultural.” The property was purchased by Innovation Montessori School to be used as recreational fields and as an overflow parking lot. The second meeting and public hearing for the ordinance will take place during the Oct. 16 commission meeting.

In Other News

  • Ocoee Elementary Principal Dr. Ana Gonzalez and art teacher Lisa Arnold presented the commission with a Red Passion Flower Mosaic.
  • Jane Rainer, of Ocoee Youth Soccer, and Marconi Machado, of Let Me Play Foundation, delivered a presentation regarding the future of Ocoee Youth Soccer. During the presentation, Rainer and Machado proposed forming a partnership to expand the soccer fields at the Jim Beech Recreation Center.
  • Under regular business, commissioners reappointed Jane Rainer and Qubeliah Graham to serve another two-year term on the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board. Their terms were set to expire on Oct. 1. Additionally, commissioners appointed Christopher West II to the Citizen Advisory Council for the Ocoee Fire Department. His term will end November 2021.
  • City leaders approved a resolution disbanding the Community Grant Review Board.
  • Commissioners approved the Arden Park Phase 3 Plat.
  • City leaders approved the creation of a Capital Project Fund, which will be used to account for and report financial resources that are restricted, committed or assigned to expenditure for capital outlays.
  • Commissioners approved the annual Kicks 4 Guns Firearms Turn-in Initiative scheduled for Oct. 16. The Ocoee Police Department will be spending no more than $2,500 from its Forfeiture account to purchase gift cards to trade for firearms. Gift cards are typically in the amount of $50.



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