Former Windermere Mayor Gary Bruhn launches clothing accessories business

Shortly after leaving his longtime post, Gary Bruhn announced his new pocket-square boutique, Bruhn’s Wearhouse.

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It seems longtime Windermere Mayor Gary Bruhn never wanted the retirement lifestyle, after all.

Bruhn, who served the town for 15 years as its mayor, announced Monday, April 1, his next venture — Bruhn’s Wearhouse, an upscale men’s clothing boutique that specializes in pocket squares.

Bruhn said the venture will begin as an online-only company, However, he already is seeking a physical location adjacent to the proposed Wondermere Garden Preschool on Windermere Road.

Although town residents bristle at the idea of anything new that may cause an increase in traffic along its paved and unpaved roads, Bruhn said his boutique is meant to attract a small, loyal and decidedly “Windermere” customer — and thus won’t generate interest outside of the town.

Plus, he said, because existing traffic has made it so difficult to leave and return to town, he expects to capitalize on this “captive market.”

Bruhn’s Wearhouse will stock premium silk pocket squares in virtually every hue on the color wheel. Bruhn said he also will offer a variety of patterns and themed garments for special occasions, such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. In addition to the retail portion of the business, Bruhn also plans to launch a fashion-consulting component, through which he will share his secrets to fashion accessories and coordination.

Bruhn also is coordinating endorsement deals with several state organizations, including the Florida League of Mayors, the Orange County Council of Mayors and the Florida League of Cities. Under these agreements, his colleagues will receive discounts at the boutique, and Bruhn will be given time at their respective meetings to peddle his pocket squares via a portable cart on wheels similar to those seen at Walt Disney World. Bruhn said he’ll also offer a variety of fun, pocket square-inspired tchotchkes, such as pocket square-shaped balloons, bubble wands and cookies. His cart also will become a mainstay at the weekly Windermere Farmers Market.

For more information and for a coupon for one free pocket square, visit



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