Sports Spotlight: Luke Garrison

A sixth-grader at Foundation Academy, Garrison has found success at the plate and on the mound for the Tigers (Major League) of the West Orange Little League.

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  • | 5:00 p.m. April 1, 2019
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Luke Garrison is a hard hitter for the Winter Garden Little League Major Division Tigers. As the first player this year to hit an over-the-fence home run, he is off to a strong start this season. So far this year, his batting average is at about .580, and as a pitcher, he has struck out 18 while giving up only one hit and walking three. The Foundation Academy sixth-grader is also  straight-A student.


How long have you been playing baseball, and how did you get into it?

I started playing at 4 years old. I was just trying out different sports.


What other sports did you try out at the time?

I tried out soccer and football. (I) just (play) baseball right now.


You’re the first player this year in Winter Garden Little League to hit a home run over the fence. What was that game like? What was going through your mind after you hit that home run?

Our game was tied. (The home run) tied our game up, so I was happy for that and that I hit the first home run.


How many home runs have you hit this year? How many overall?

This year, two; nine (overall).


Tell me about the first home run you hit.

That was during the state championship division for All-Stars, and it put our team ahead. (That was) during the summer (last year).


What do you like more: pitching, fielding or batting? Why?

Batting (because) I’m good at it.


Do you play baseball for Foundation Academy?

Not yet. I could’ve played this year, but I didn’t want to yet.


What’s the best piece of baseball advice you’ve been given?

Never give up.


What’s something about your game that you hope to improve on this year?

Fielding — blocking the ball more as catcher and throwing more strikes.


Do you have a favorite player? 

I guess Aaron Judge, because he’s really good at hitting.


What’s your favorite team?

Probably the (Tampa Bay) Rays, because they are our home team.


If you could play at any baseball stadium in the country, where would you play?

That’s kind of hard — I don’t know many of the stadiums. … Probably the Williamsport (stadium) for Little League All-Stars.


What’s your favorite subject in school? Why?

Math. I just like (that) it’s not boring. You learn something new everyday with it.



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