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The Windermere Prep senior has become a vital pitcher on the mound for the Lakers baseball team.

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  • | 7:15 p.m. April 16, 2019
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A senior on the Windermere Prep baseball team, Logan Morris is a go-to guy when it comes to pitching for the Lakers. Growing up around athletes and having a passion for sports, Morris is hoping that once his time at Windermere Prep runs out, he will be able to continue his baseball career at the collegiate level.


When — and how — did you first get into baseball?

I started playing baseball in fourth grade. I don’t really know how I got into it — I guess it was seeing MLB on TV and being around college athletes growing up, because my dad was close to the LSU football program. I’ve grown up playing baseball my whole life and have played basketball and football — I’ve always been kind of a sports guy. Starting my freshman year was when I was like, “All right, I need to pick one sport and dedicate my time to that.”


What has been the best thing about playing at Windermere Prep?

I love being on the team with a great group of guys that I know will always have my back. … And then my coach being there to uplift me whenever I’m down or if I’m having a bad day on the mound, I know he is going to be there to help me through it. 


What has been a highlight for you during your playing time as a Laker?

I threw a no-hitter this year, and then my last game I pitched in at TFA was probably my best game — it’s probably the strongest competition we’ve had, and I threw six innings, so I went all the way through.


Do you have a favorite pitch?

(I like to) mix it up for sure. I throw a curveball one pitch, or maybe I throw two fast balls in a row and they’re expecting another one, and then I’m going to throw a curveball — change it up a bit.


What’s your favorite aspect of being a starting pitcher?

Being able to have that weight on your shoulders and that pressure on you. That extra weight on my shoulders gives me that extra motivation and gives me that hype.


What’s some of the best advice that you’ve been given regarding baseball?

“There’s always another pitch.” If you’re constantly focused on that ball you threw last pitch, then this next pitch, you’re either going to get lucky and throw a strike or you’re going to be so caught up in yourself that you throw another ball. There’s always that second chance, basically.


How do you get ready to take the mound?

I don’t really like to get too involved into overthinking. Basically, go out and do your job, and walk out like you own the place and you’re going to beat every single batter that comes up to that plate. If you get to overthinking, then that just turns into a disaster.


After you graduate, is baseball something you still plan on doing at the next level?

I have been emailing a few coaches here and there. I’m hoping to play Division II baseball or go to a junior college and then go to a bigger DI after two years of playing junior college ball.



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