Sports Spotlight: Braden Holcomb

Foundation Academy eighth-grader Braden Holcomb is a hard hitter on the school's varsity baseball team.

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  • | 2:29 p.m. April 24, 2019
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Braden Holcomb is the only eighth-grader on the Foundation Academy varsity baseball team. With a father who used to play baseball, a mother who used to play and coach softball and a sister who plays softball at the collegiate level, baseball runs in Holcomb’s blood. The young tri-athlete also plays basketball and football. 

When did you first start playing baseball, and what got you into the sport?

I was probably about like 4 or 5. My sister plays a lot of softball, and I was always around when she had tournaments. I started playing when I was young (with) T-ball and everything.

What’s it like being the only eighth-grader on the team?

You put a lot of pressure on yourself, because you want to succeed. But I just try to remind myself that I’m the youngest, and I’m not going to be able to do everything. I just focus and don’t really worry about that.

It’s your first year at Foundation Academy. How do you like it?

I really like it here. It’s different from my old school, but I really like it. I think the athletics are a lot better here than my old school.

What’s been the game highlight of the year for you so far?

Walking it off against Legacy (Charter). (It was) a home game. (We won) 3-2.

Which game has been the most challenging so far?

Probably Lake Highland Prep, because when we went to Lake Highland Prep … everyone was struggling, and we all were just really down. But it kind of helped us, because we learned to stay positive.

What do you like more: pitching, fielding or batting?

I like hitting a lot, because it’s just fun to get in there and compete, but I also do like pitching a lot, because you always have the ball in your hand.

What’s the best piece of baseball advice you’ve received?

I’ve been told by a bunch of coaches that baseball is one of the toughest sports you can play. You have to be really mentally strong, and that just helps remind me that … you just have to stay positive through it all.

If you could play a game of baseball at any pro stadium in the world, where would you play?

That’s a tough one. Probably Wrigley Field.

What’s your favorite pro team? Do you have a favorite player?

I really like watching the Yankees, but I would have to say my favorite player is Mike Trout. He’s a lot of fun to watch.


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